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Hi from South Africa

Hi im Lynn from RSA. This is my 2nd cancer in 2009 i was diagnosed with NHL and went into remission. In Aug this year i was told i had stage 2b ovarian and omentum cancer. I underwent total hysterectomy with debulking. Im now getting 6 rounds of chemo. What i would like to know is if all the nastys were taken away in the op and the chemo is a sort of back up to get rid of microscopic nastys does this enhance my chance of a goo recovery?I am so afraid and severely depressed with it all I am 60 yrs old if that makes any difference. By the way i am originally from Wrexham North Wales.Healing greetings to you all Lynn X

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Hi Lynn,

Sorry - is NHL non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma?

I had 3c surgery in Jan 2009 and they said exactly that: the chemo was an insurance policy as they'd removed all the discernable disease. I'm still in remission (as far as I am aware). It drives you mad worrying about recurrence, but if you research and eat the right diet for you, get plenty of exercise, and deal with stress in your life, you give your immune system the best chance of becoming strong and resilient. I think being pro-active and taking control by making good changes in your life, also addresses the fear. If you are struggling with depression, is there a counsellor you can talk things through with - fear is very much an emotion that needs expression?

Very best wishes to you!



Hi Isadora

Thankks for your reply. Yes NHL is non-hodgkins lymphoma. Meant to say too that my 1st CA125 blood test was normal. I also thought this was a good sign.Im not very medically aware of all the fancy words they use as when i go to my oncologist i go blank. I go for my 3rd chemo tomorrow YUK! You,re right it does drive you nuts worrying. I have seen a psychiatrist and psychologist and do take medication. They say its not curable eh? But you had 3c thats arough one and im glad you,re in remission. I do fear the disease and that it will kill me.I really wish i could be positive i do get days when i think i,ll be ok then it comes like a dark cloud and i lapse back to negative.I thank you again for your reply it is nice to chat to others in same situation. Pleas keep in touch if you,d like too Love

Lynn X


Hi Lynn,sorry to hear that you have been "zapped" twice ,that's more than bliddy unfair I say ..You've done really well to be in remission from NHL, so hey, you've been doing something right eh !!.I'm currently in remission from stage iiic,,only 10 weeks!!, but I'm so determined to stay that way..You can be strong and resilient and take on board the support of your psychologist , friends, and family. Share your "dark" days and thoughts. Like Isadora says work on your diet ,excercise and keep motivated. Mind ,body and soul.......

Take care Lynn and keep your chin up kidda

Best Wishes

Suzy xxx


Hi Lynn, it is good to hear that you are doing OK now, even though you are plagued with worry. Follow the advice on here (there are previous threads on staying positive and eating well via the search box at the top of the page too) and stay in touch. I had an op in 2002 and no follow-up chemo and worried that there may be some cells floating around in there, but so far ......It's important to give expression to your worries and this site is good for that. Treat yourself kindly, you've been through a lot, but I'm sure you've got a lot of good things ahead of you :-)

Love Wendy xx


Hi Lynn,

We spoke already on the MacMillan site, but just wanted to say Hi to you again and wish you all the best. I have caught your healing greetings and put them in my pocket!

Love Lizzie



To alll you lovely ladies!! Thank you for your support i really appreciate it! Glad you caught the healing prayers Lizzie!!! Would like to send healing prayers to all the ladies on this site too Love Lynn XXX Please keep in touch I got chemo tomorrow yuk


Hi Lynn

I know just what you mean about the worry getting to you not matter how well you think you are doing. I had chemo last year for stage 3c and then 6 months remission. When the cancer reoccured this year i sort of guessed it was coming before it became obvious and am now in remission again - finished chemo at the end of August. I do have a great life, feel well, eat well, have lots of exercise and fun, and am currently enjoying a series of 70th birthday celebrations. But that doesn't stop me noticing when the waist band seems a bit tight and wondering if it is the bloating again. Or thinking hard about every odd pain or twinge. I have decided that an underlying worry will now be part of life and i just have to accept it and not let it get in the way.

You have really had a double whammy with NHL and ovarian so no wonder you worry. I hope that you can find a strategy for dealing with it so that you can enjoy life. And I do hope that your chemo is not too miserable and that it is effective.

love Angela


Hi Lynnrasa,

To be honest hun, I don`t think we would be normal if we didn`t worry. The days I forget about it I dream its back and that is out of my control. But I will say to you what my nurse said to me - " Get on with your life and live life to the full, otherwise there would be little point getting better/remission". I thought how ruddy right she was and so this is what I am trying to do.

With each black thought I try to replace it with a beautiful one.

If you didn`t have everything to live for, we wouldn`t worry about dieing, so focus on those things that are great in your life and live in the moment - it sure does help me. Talking to others is also excellent therapy for all of us. And hearing about story`s combatts the isolation of this horrid disease. It also makes us often feel well off because we also hear about someone worse off than ourselves.

I also pray hard every single night before I close my eyes but I aslo remember to thank the lord for one more good day in my life. When you way up the pros and cons I kind of feel very blessed compared to a lot of folk. I am 53 yrs young and have just become a grandma for the 2nd time, whoop, whoop, frills and frocks this time and she is beautiful.

Good luck, yor new friends are hear to listen anytime love sent with a hug from Tina x


Hi Tina,

Thanks for your inspiring words. You are very right indeed. I have a lot of decisions to make regarding what would make me happy im not sure of the right answer yet. Bit confusing eh/ Any way ive made some lovely friends on here who seem to care that is nice!1 I already know Lizzzie bless her and she too is full of good advice and support! But you all are and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. Im 2 hrs ahead of you here in RSA and believe me its been 34 degrees here today i dont like the heat! Give me some snow!!! I know you,re all saying ' this womans crazy' maybe i am lol! Any way i will be back on tomorrow to tell you how chemo went ok! For now Ni nite God Bless Love Lynn XXXXXX


Hi Lynnrrsa,

I did send you a reply I am also from South Africa live in Gauteng Boksburg I have COPD 21% lung function there is nothing realy like rehab for us here where are you in South Africa


Hi nice to hear from you.Sorry I didn't get your reply! Im in Witbank. Sorry you are sick too Hope you coping with this heat ! I don't like the heat at all. Take care xxx


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