My mucinous BOT's first photo πŸ˜„

My mucinous BOT's first photo πŸ˜„

**disclaimer** look away if you're squeamish!! πŸ™ˆ

Hi ladies, as I'm helping someone from a BOT FaceBook page with her blog, I thought I'd share this intimate little snap taken of my mucinous BOT in situ before it was removed during my first op in June 2016. At the time, it was suspected to be just a jolly big, liquid filled 'cyst'. I called it 'Ripley' after the character in Aliens as it felt like an alien in my belly! 😱

Gross perhaps...but I found it all really interesting! Looks like a rising moon! πŸ˜† Good bloody riddance! #RIPripley

Jemima xx

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  • WOW! How big!!! I wish I had photos of mine... x

  • Couldn't resist looking... oh err!! Yes get rid!! God knows what mine looked like at advanced 3C.. cyst burst during surgery.. ugh!! Mind you I did watch a few ops on OC on YouTube the night before surgery and subsequently since my diagnosis.. they look gross too... but I find it interesting! Thanks for sharing Hun.. hope all is good Love Michelle xx

  • Never thought to look on YouTube. Will have to go and look now!


  • Wow looks massive ... love the nick name I called mine ovarvoo lol ... glad to be rid of the little beggars 😊

  • πŸ€’πŸ˜‚

  • It looks like the top of my baldy head!!!!


  • WOW! How interesting...I'm going to ask to see mine when I get my results as I know they are keeping it for research purposes 😷 How big was yours again? Xxx

  • I'd need to dig out my notes but think it was 15cm at its widest point 😬 And weighed about 1.5kg πŸ’ͺ🏻 #instantweightloss

  • OMG! Mine was only 7cm (ish) and before the swelling set in I noticed a flatter belly! Could they tell from looking at it that it was dodgy or did you have to wait for histology results?? I've just tried calling for my results but no reply...😒😩

  • From the first ultrasound scan they didn't think it was suspicious so coupled with a normal CA125 I ended having my first op done privately as I was told I'd have to wait for up to 6 months in the NHS (as I was textbook 'low risk' for anything dodgy based on those facts).

    Fast forward to post-pathology (so after first op) and they realised that was a mistake. My first gynae even called me to apologise (not that it was his fault). Had I not gone private I would have more than likely ended up as an A&E case with a rupture or torsion, which would have also changed my staging and potential prognosis! By the time I had my op I looked 3-4 months pregnant! 😳

  • Oh goodness! You were lucky then! I bet you were glad to get rid of Ripley πŸ˜‚

    We call mine the 'lemon' as we thought it would be around that size from the scan πŸ‹

    All the best

    Izzy xxx

  • Yes very lucky!

    Yes sounds about right...Ripley was the size of a honeydew melon! 🍈 Lol every time I was in the supermarket I'd go pick one up and realise how big that was! No wonder I looked pregnant!

  • My surgeon visited me the next morning and said that they found some necrotic tissue (lovely) which would be sent for testing so I knew immediately what the result would be. My other half did not realise the significance of this so left it till the official diagnosis for him to know just in case I was wrong. Obviously histology confirmed.


  • Hi Jemima, that looks really big you poor thing having that inside you!! Thank you for sharing it with us, Take care Cindyxx

  • Gosh so pleased I didn't get a photo of mine. It weighed 9lbs and 23cm in size. My surgeon said it was the size of a full term baby..we called it the alien and I text my friends after the op saying the alien had landed. Must add I felt so light when I got back on my feet. What we have to go through!


  • Mine was also big about the size of a melon never got a picture though. I feel so deprived now looking at this but sure when its gone its gone

  • I got photos of the cyst I had removed from my ovary last year and also what my insides looked like after my uterus had been removed during hysterectomy. Fascinating to look at. Several of my friends wanted to look at the photos too!!

  • Hi

    How interesting. I will ask to see if any pics of mine. Doubt it though as I was last in the day for surgery and suspect every wanted to get home for dinner. Mine was necrotic as well so any pics would probably put them off their dinner. Lol.

    This could turn into a how big was yours thread πŸ˜‚ joining in that mine was 23 by 21 by 11. The ultrasound bod had to put it on 2 pictures. Unfortunately the instant weight loss with the op did not last.

    Thanks for posting.


  • Mine was the size of a melon and we called it "the elephant in the womb"

    It's gross isn't it? Glad it's all goneπŸ˜€

    Never to return hopefully xx

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