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Can anyone shed some light?

My Mum is waiting for her first appointment with her oncologist next week after being diagnosed two weeks ago with OC (likely stage 3c or 4 although we obviously don't know for sure yet). She is getting stronger day by day and this in itself is amazing to us after the last two weeks.

She has been having some strange 'symptoms' though. She feels hot all the time, has a very weak left arm and left leg, blurred vision in her left eye and blocked sinuses. As I'm typing these out I'm worrying that they are all signs of something very sinister going on, but equally they could all be explained very simply (we all have head colds at the moment which might explain the sinuses!).

Did anyone experience any of these?


Love Winni xxx

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Dear Winni

I'm sorry to hear about your Mum's diagnosis but this is a great place to make friends and get support.

I think as soon as we have a diagnosis of something as serious as cancer we become more sensitive to what our bodies are telling us. These odd symptoms may well be related to a head cold but exacerbated by worry. It's a horrid time after the initial diagnosis and meanwhile waiting for treatment and confirmation of staging, etc.

I hope she's feeling better in herself very soon and you get a treatment plan sorted out very quickly.

Keep posting. You're among friends here. x Annie


Dear Annie

Thank you very much for the sensible advice, its so easy to get carried away with worrying. This site has been an enormous source of comfort to us over the last two weeks, the advice and support from you and others has made all the difference to how Mum is feeling now.

I've read some of your posts and your experiences with great interest, you sound like an amazing, strong lady and a great campaigner for OC. Thank you.

Love Winni xxx


It's funny, when I was waiting for surgery I was relieved that I now understood many health issues that had been worrying me. At the same time, psychosomatically I think, I felt new twinges and twangs that made me very fearful. There's a common saying in medicine that goes something like this: 'if you hear galloping hooves, expect horses, not zebras'. If all the family has colds, it's likely that your mother has one also. As for the weak arm, I discussed a similar symptom (nerve type pain in my right leg, and appendicitis like pain on the right of my abdomen) with an expert gynaecological oncologist. I asked if it was because the nerves were compressed - he said it was more likely that blood vessels were affected. Best wishes for the coming surgery. Vxxx


I like that saying very much! I suppose having blood vessels affected must be fairly common but maybe not everyone experiences obvious manifestations? Everyone is different. Thank you for your reply, it has put my mind more at ease. Mum told me off last night for all this constant worry, I need to relax a bit but its so difficult to do at the moment! Xxxx


Hi Winni, sorry to hear mums diagnosis, but at least she knows what's going on. Strange symptoms for OC and I agree with the other ladies that this may just be a simple cold/flu, possibly brought on by a few sleepless nights! I was diagnosed 3C and had no symptoms like these.

Wait till you see the experts and listen to their treatment plan. Get all your questions ready, write them down and write the answers down (so easy to forget what you want to ask and what their answers are). I think it's best to go with family members so everyone knows what's going on, four or six ears better than two lol. I write everything down and have as much time as I think I need with my oncologist. I never feel rushed and always ask if I don't understand. They always give sound advice and they are the ones that deal with ladies like us day after day.

Good luck to mum, please keep us in the loop as there are many ladies on this site that have been through similar to that of mum and can give their stories, some like Annie who have been striving for more research others just sharing their views and journeys. Some who are in 3rd and 4th line treatments, all (or most) positive in their thinking.

Love n hugs izzy


Thank you very much for good advice. Unfortunately I can't go with her to her first oncologist appointment as I have to be away for work so I will send Dad armed with written down questions and a pad and pen. I wanted to do that but worried it might seem odd so you've reassured me! Xxxxxx


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