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Haven't visited for about a year. I'm on my fifth course of chemo, diagnosed in June 2016. Cancer has now spread to the liver and lungs. I'm on a chemo tablet, VEPESID , I take the tablet for the first 14 days of treatment and am also on CISPLATIN for three Wednesdays in a row and then I get a week off, have two more sessions to go and then will have a scan and see the oncologist for my result the following week. Is there anyone on VEPESID? I'm interested in any side effects.

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  • Hi Shirley - I can't offer advice but I just wanted to send you my well wishes. It sounds like you're having a pretty intense time of it. You're a trooper & I wish you well & much strength for your next lot of results.

    Much love, Jemima xx

  • Checked the date on your profile, 2012. I'm on my 4th line, having started the first in January 2011. I haven't heard of vepesid. I now have spread to liver but not lungs and I'm on 4th line, caelyx, just 6 weeks after cisplatin, which didn't work, and was horrible. Thanks for sharing your progress x

  • Just checked and it's also called etoposide.

  • Hi Shirley. Can't offer any advice or share any experiences,just wanted to say hello and I hope that your side effects are minimal or non existent. There is also the site called Inspire which has more American and Canadian ladies on (plus some Brits!) and you may also find details some ladies who are taking get that tablet - might be worth asking there too

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • I just want to say hello also, I am sorry you are on treatment, I have no experience of either drug but I am sure some one will come on and answer your questions, all the very best

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