How quickly can ascities build go up and go down?

Hi all,

I'm starting to get some worrying symptoms over the last few weeks. I finished my last chemo 10 days ago but am bloating up again- looking quite pregnant and feeling very full quickly with lots of indigestion etc. My stomach feels hard and tender. My oncologist is aware and has brought my end of treatment scan forward so I'm having it this afternoon.

The thing I find strange is that as soon as I had the oxaliplatin infusion 10 days ago the bloating went away immediately and I was much more comfortable. My stomach looked normal. This lasted a week then it began to swell again. Is it possible this is ascities building up and then going away with the chemo that quickly??

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  • Hi

    I posted on here a while ago about ascites and a nurse replied saying that it doesnt go up and down, but I was convinced that I was suffering from it, it seemed to come just before chemo, so every 3rd week, and worse in the evening after Id eaten, but maybe it wasnt ascites and just bloating ?

    Hope you find out whats going on xx

  • Dear Heffmeister,

    Ascites is where I am at the moment! I started bloating around 21st Dec and had to be drained on 30th Jan. So it took that long for it to become intolerable. It is already building back up again - my chemo has not kicked in yet - if it is going to (caeylx).

    I have been told if the chemo kicks in, the fluid will naturally get absorbed, but I don't know the speed with which it would be absorbed. I think though, it is definately bad by the night and better by the morning. It could be I feel less worn down by it all after a night's sleep, or perhaps it is because I have taken on no fluids during the night. Please let us know if you find out the answer - I feel my tummy and chest every morning in the hope it is gone.

    Love Lizzie


  • Yes, mine is definately worse in the evening. In the morning I feel near normal but later on I can hardly eat an evening meal and then am really uncomfortable all the rest of the evening.

  • Hi Heffmeister,

    Let us know how the scan goes this afternoon. An ultrasound can show up ascites (always good cos you get an instant feedback), but I guess it is a CT scan you are having post treatment.

    What is your CA125 like? Has it been going down?

    Which chemo have you been having?

    Love Lizzie


  • Hi Heffmeister

    I have had a similar problem with ascites. Within 2 months of my last round of chemo i started bloating and very quickly reached the 12 months pregnant stage. I was drained at the beginning of Dec - OK for a weekend then back to square 1. Since mid Dec I have had a permemant drain which means we can do the drain ourselves, every day if need be. That made a big difference, especailly when we were removing over a litre a day. Then the fluid stopped draining off. My stomach isnt any smaller - about 8 monthsn pregnant - but it doesn't appear to be growing. It is very uncomfortable and, like you, more so in the evening. I now have a splendid breaksfast, a moderate but enjoyable lunch and no evening meal. That seems to keep me comfortable during the night, although my legs can be so swollen and painful that walking in difficult. Doctors and nurses not sure what is happening about the ascites/fluid and possible solutions.

    Do let s know what happens after your scan.

    love Angela

  • Hi Angela,

    Are they going to do an ultrasound scan to find out where the ascites is? Perhaps the drain needs to be re-seated?

    Love Lizzie


  • Thanks everyone. It was a CT scan I had today, I get the results on Monday. My ca 125 has never been very high (max 120) and isn't really a good indicator for me however I'm having that and two other tumor markers taken before each chemo and they have been rising recently which again is obviously not a good sign.

    I've just done 6 rounds of oxaliplatin (IV) and capacitabine/xeloda (tablet) as part of the mEOC drugs trial as I have mucinous ovarian cancer.

    Can't quite believe I might have just done all this chemo and ended up in a worse state than when I started :-(

    Will definately take the advice of a big breakfast and then smaller meals. Not being able to each much concerns me as I have no weight to lose. I'm only just over 8 stone and if I am approaching more surgery I need to put some on not lose it!

  • Hi Heffmeister,

    I am a natural 8 stoner too. I think I am stringy but tough. LOL! Sad that chemo is like that - all trial and error. Roll on the day when they can brew up an individual chemo based on our individual cancer analysis.

    Love Lizzie


  • Hi,

    Neither o f you say where the ascities is - I presume in the abdomen. I seem to think mine took around 3 cycles of chemo before I felt any better, and that was after having it drained. The last time had it in my lungs, and that took about 6 sessions before I felt better, (but I wouldn't be surprised if there was still some left).I still huff and puff whenever I do anything, so perhaps it is just the cancer! I hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi Viv,

    Mine is my abdomen, I look like winne the pooh as it starts rising up my body.

    Love Lizzie


  • You will know when it is going when your jeans do up!

    Mind you I was so uncomfortable I bought elasticated ones and baggy tops. They are in the cupboard waiting for the next time - hopefully a long way off.....

    keep smiling it will get better.

    [[[[Love n hugs ]]]]


  • Lol, yes no jeans for me. I am living in tracksuit bottoms at home and leggings with long tops/jumper dresses when I'm out. Finding leggings at bit chilly in this weather however!

  • I am into woolly dresses with opaque hold ups and knee length boots (which my husband has to help me get on and off). No jeans for me since Christmas.

    Love Lizzie


  • HI Heffmiester

    I am so sorry that you are still suffering and I really hope you get sorted out soon.

    Charlie xxx

  • Update, I was right I do have ascitis again- confirmed by scan. Disease has progressed while on chemo! Now waiting to hear next steps. I started another post about it.

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