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A Fed Up Failure !!!

Ladies, I am so fed up. It's been 4 weeks since my last chemo.(Sounds like a The last 2 weeks have been horrible, the sulphur burps, the shingles, the pains in my stomach, last night the vomiting and the other end, and all day today. The constant nausea. I keep taking the anti sick meds and they have little effect. Even water makes me feel sick. I am to see the oncologist that I need help with these problem's. Is that too forward? I have no energy to do anything, and to be honest I have no interest. School is opening back for one of my kids and I have to get him a few bits in town. I actually feel like I have let the kids down. Then chemo on Thursday, I hope it's not delayed again.. Sorry for the depressing posts..

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Hey Damelza!

Sorry to hear you are feeling like that such bad luck getting the shingles and when you're an adult they can be very miserable! You are not letting your kids down you are fighting to get yourself healthy and that is absolutely the best thing you can do for your kids!!! Chemo is s**T, there is no other description for it! It is awful and does awful things to your body so don't be so hard on yourself! Do what you can when you can and if you can't don't beat yourself up about it just say I will do it when I can! I think we live close to each other so if I can help please feel free to ask!

Take it easy on yourself I bet your kids will tell you in a few years time how proud they are to have a mammy that fought with everything she had to be with them and be healthy for them!!!

Mind yourself!



thank you D


You are not being forward at all the onc have lots of help they can give us. There are that many different side affects and we don't all get them so they don't over medicate they treat the side affects for the individual. So they may have stronger nausea meds or something for stomach pains it's worth phoning. Sorry your so unwell but your not letting anyone down at all. Big hugs hope you feel better soon xx


sorry to hear you feel so bad

what about online shopping for your kid could that help ?

ice lollies always helped me get rid of nausea

hope you feel better real soon xx


HI Damelza, you have to look after yourself and see what meds suit you best, you are not being forward. I think your main problem is the Shingles, my sister had its sister, Chickenpox in May and it took her ages to get back to normal. Shingles can be severe and tiring, you get headaches and dont feel like eating. This on top of the side effects of Chemo are very debilitating. Could you ask your gp for Fortesip the protein shakes for energy. You have to rest as well, could some one help getting the books and uniforms sorted for your children. My sister could barely sip water while she was ill, her gp was very kind to her in fairness, she also felt nauseaous. Boil seven up flat and do try and sip it a little at a time, While the shingles may be healing up your body takes longer to recover. But go and speak to you gp as well and he may give you something like stemitil, my sister got that and it did help too, It will take time but you will feel better,


Hi Damelza - I hope you're feeling even a smidgy bit better today? I just wanted to send you a big ((hug)) from me...i know times are tough and you've been thrown such a shoddy hand, but I think you're doing a fab job!

Much love, Jemima xx


Hi Damelza, firstly, you are NOT letting your kids down, you are fighting to get better and be here for them. As Suzuki saId, is there anyone who could help with getting what you need for them, even one of their school friends mums?

There was an item on the Jeremy Vine show a few weeks ago about shingles and how debilitating it can be. Make sure yoiu get some rest when you can.

Hope you start to feel better soon. Ann x


Don't ever feel you have let the children down. I can't begin to imagine what it must be like going through this with young children. They will just see their mum fighting and being strong. You will be inspiring them. Can you both sit together and maybe order online?

I am really sorry you are going through such a rough time. I have just had a good moan myself here so am sending you a hug. Xx


Dear Damelza

You poor dear. You have been hit with a double whammy. Shingles are horrible and having them with Cancer has to be the pits . I had them years ago and was never as miserable . They can also depress you. I'm not sure what medication you are getting for them but they will pass and so will the down feeling that goes with them . I hope the oncologist has a solution and I'm sure your friends will help with the school shopping if you ask. Please keep in touch. Hope it all gets a bit better and that the clouds lift for you



All of the above,the children will want a mum that is well and I'm sure you could order a variety of things online and return what is no good.

You must get in touch with your team and tell them your problems, they (and you) will want to get your chemo restarted, so the sooner you feel better,that can happen.You need your anti sickness sorted out as then you will better function.

Carole xxx


I had a very similar response to chemo, I was always on here asking for ideas to be able to taste something and not eel sick. The best ones were, pineapple, ginger pieces, I nibbled the crystallised one, the sugar helped a bit, ginger biscuits and ginger beer. The disgusting taste was really difficult to over come. I felt bad as hubby had to do my work as well as his, plus I had teen having a melt down, still melting but I'm told she will grow out of it (hmm), you have to just put yourself first, it does feel like it's never ending but the symptoms settle, except for the tiredness and aching, once completed.

I'm sure your children really don't mind.

Take care of you

LA xx


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