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just back from oncologist, my CA125 has come down from 300 to 167 yay. not having anymore carboplatin because of it's effect on me, but going ahead with gemcitabina and avastin this week and gemcitabina alone next week, then a PET scan ( the nuclia one, cant spell!!) I then have to see an allergy doctor to see about desensitizing me so I can have carboplatin when the little sods decide to return!! don't know how many more chemo I will need, will have to see the pet scan and next blood test for the CA125 in 4 weeks time, hugs to every one, hope your day goes well xxx

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That's good news ... Good luck with the desensitisation xxx


Well at least it was worth the Turmoil, my last regime was Gem and Avastin, you get Gem on day one and day eight then a break. It was a little tiring but doable, make sure you get the best possible anti sick meds because some onc think that Motillium is sufficient and it certainly isnt.

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Good news on the ca125. Yay!!!


That's fantastic news beaniejan. It's great to have a plan and your feeling so well x


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