Just come back from my Onc.Good News

Even though my scan done 2 weeks ago the results not arrived at my Oncs. desk waited an hour and in the end he looked at them,and basically said to him it looks really good news as he could see none to worry about now. possible a residue left but he will ring me with radiographers report by Thursday. next appointment in three months. very lucky girl had paxi taxol/carboplatin mix. seems to have hit the spot, Will update on results when we know exactly. love Jenny xxx

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  • Well it seems like good news Jenny, so enjoy your three months, it must be such a relief for you love x G x

  • Thanks Ally can relax at least for 3 months looking forward to having my own hair again does it really take 4 months to grow back? love Jenny xxx

  • around 3 to 4 months then? better keep the wig going still not a bad price to pay for a few more months years? love Jenny xxx

  • Thanks Gwyn I think of you often hope your chemo. going to plan and that you are coping well, I wont forget how you said you should have chemo.and not do unproven treatments? well thanks for your advice obviously correct. this was my second line and I am now taking ibrupropen 400mg twice daily with stomach protector omaprazil excuse my spellings.love Jenny xxx

  • Dear Jenny

    It was a relief to me to see you'd decided to take the onc's advice and take the standard chemotherapy. It looks as though it's working. Ibruprofen may well help. Many say it does, and I'm trying Iscador - but not as a substitute for chemo - just as a compliment to it.

    Go ahead and enjoy the next 3 months without worrying about anything! with loads of love xxx Annie

  • Hi Jenny,

    I'm pleased that your news is good. I hope that you are going do do something nice to celebrate.


    Zannah x

  • Sure am fancy trip to London, already booked meal out with friends and family around this weekend , love Jenny

  • Super new Jenny, enjoy. It's so nice to leaving the onc's office with fewer worries than going in, which hasn't always been the case for any of us. Enjoy the respite!


    Sue xxx

  • Wonderful news Jenny. Enjoy your meal out with friends.




  • Thanks Jean,just hope we can all get some good news as said were not always so lucky and we often come out of oncs. offices with worries,love jenny x

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