No surgery for me

Well after only a few days I have the results of my pet and Mri scans. Emergency apointme with oncologist Good news no cancer in upper body, bad news Mri shows mass on bladder plus mass on upper vagina and infiltration to blood vessels so no surgery possible oh bugger was counting on that so its back on carbo taxol x 6 3 weekly cycles then radio therapy for last three cycles if scan shows reduction in volume. Musinous disease is the pits not feeling hopefull as I was convinced it would be chopped out as before. If surgery is possible after chemo its bye bye bladder and back passage so maybe chemo is a good option. Just feeling a bit shell shocked for now but intend to get my head together. My lovely husband has had his stem cell transplant postponed for two weeks so two weeks of cuddles here we come. Rant over now needed to get this off my chest, thank you in advance you wonderfull Warriors , Ann x

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  • Good morning Ann, and I hope you do manage to have a good morning and indeed that you and your hubby have a wonderful two weeks of cuddles and togetherness ...and a lot more of course!

    What a lot to get your head around, this OC is the pits and I'm sure it will take a few days at least to process everything you've heard. The good thing (!) however is there is a plan of action for you and you will surely find women who have been in a similar position and will share exoeriecnces, advice etc. I also post in the Ovarian Cancer closed group on FaceBook and if I recall correctly there was someone in a similar position re bladder and bowel recently and it was encouraging for her to know how others were coping.

    Hopefully you and your hubby can talk openly and you can feel free to say exactly what you need to with him, and vice versa. If not, then this site is the place to feel free to do that.

    I can't offer any advice but I wanted to tell you that you're in my thoughts and prayers and I send you lots of positive wishes.

    Take care

    Clare X

  • dearest knoxie, savor the moments. breathe deep. be here now. there are amazing new treatments coming on line. we all want to survive with you! Tesla

  • You might not be having the best luck right now but you do have plenty of priceless love. Good luck with your plan and treatment xx

  • Oh Ann, am gutted for you. Like the others have said though, you have a plan and there are more treatments appearing from the woodwork at the moments.

    Enjoy your precious cuddles. Hoping and praying for healthier days ahead for you and your hubby.

    Sandra xx

  • Hi,

    When I was diagnosed not everything went to plan, at my midpoint surgery date they found that the bugger had spread too much, it was on my bowel diaphragm and generally dotted all over the place. I too went back for more chemo and they told me they would have to remove lots of things Inc bowel. Lucky for me the chemo had done it's jobs and they were able to operate, bowel in tact and no residual disease. So hopefully as horrid as it is the chemo will do its job and although I have never has radiotherapy I can only imagine it will help shrink it more.

    Best of luck you

    Prayers and love

    Asma x

  • Hi Ann as all these lovely ladies have said there is a plan and as much as chemo is hard I'm wishing you positive thoughts and prayers that chemo does its job along with radiotherapy.

    Enjoy your cuddles with hubby.

    Big hugs



  • Hi Ann, I'm sorry this is the situation for you. Enjoy the cuddles over the next 2 weeks, then tackle the chemo and let's hope an d pry hkou kick this little blighter into touch! Stay strong. Good luck. Ann xo

  • I am a two bag lady due to OC having lost my bowel in 2004 and my bladder in2007 with a 'refashioned' colostomy.I hope you don't have to have this surgery but you do adapt and it's better than the alternative.In fact at the time I was having benefit for terminal illness and after about eighteen months the DSS wrote to me to enquire politely why I hadn't snuffed it! Good luck .

  • Ann

    Sorry to hear your news, makes sure you both have lots of cuddles and hugs together before your treatment plan.

    Hugs Ellsie xx

  • This awful illness never ceases to amaze me ( wrong choice of word , horrify?) but at the same time I'm amazed and humbled with how ladies cope . It sounds as though you have a lot to cope with at the moment but still looking at the positives,all those cuddles for one. Wishing you all the best and sending you lots of virtual hugs xx

  • Oh, Ann.....I'm sending best wishes and lots of prayers to you and your husband. Stay strong, and put it in God's powerful hands........Judy V

  • Ann, here's hoping your chemo does it's intended work and If surgery is viable you will get through it and the aftermath, as other ladies here have done.

    Enjoy the next two weeks with your husband.

    Good luck!


  • I'm so sorry for all you are going through. Cancer is the pits and all these killings fr no reason. I know it's so hard but you must cent and get back on track. Yesterday, I started my second round . The ovarian came back small but in pelvic node. As yourself certainly not looking forward to 4 months of treatment. Hang in there! When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going!🐞💃🏻

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