Quick update from my phone, excuse poor formatting. My CA-125 IS 54, the MRI shows the mass is approximately 6cm and eats into the rectal area where it was found. At the moment, it looks like it's just the one spot. My gynecologic oncologist believes this to be ovarian in origin, low grade serous carcinoma. Likely to be less responsive to chemo, but slower growing than the more common ovarian cancers. The plan is to do dose dense chemo for three cycles, rest for 4-5 weeks, then have a full hysterectomy, both ovaries and fallopians, omenectomy, and whatever other bits to complete staging/removal. After 4-5 weeks to heal, there's talk of intra peritoneal chemo. Might as well go in aggressive...at least I'll have Christmas off from chemo right before surgery...

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  • Thanks for the update. How are you feeling?

  • I'm feeling a bit neutral about it at the moment. Annoyed that my life will be turned tipsy, angry about my hair, but on the whole like I'm just along for the ride.

  • Your hair will grow back...and think of the awesome hats and wigs in the meantime. My wig is called Betty :-)

  • I'm trying to make it fun. Got fitted for a wig today, wanted to get used to the idea of short hair. My hair is nearly down to my backside! The one i picked is a cute layered bob, i felt very Mary Tyler Moore. Getting the hair chopped to match it to ease the transition.

  • Have you joined the US Inspire support group, there's an ovarian cancer section and they have a sub set for low grade. I am also low grade. Chemo isn't that responsive however it can work. I like a bit of complementary therapies, diet, supplements, exercise etc and I think these things helped my chemo be more effective and it reduced my side effects.

    There's great info coming out of MD Anderson about hormone blockers and the positive effect on low grade. I'm now on loretzole. I'll try and attach the link. medpagetoday.com/clinical-c...

    Wish you all the luck in the world


  • Good luck on your treatment.

    Just as an aside have a look at the wrapunzeleta website and you tube videos for amazing ideas for wrapping your head in scarves as opposed to wigs. It still looks you have a ton of hair at the back of your neck.

    They also have a foundation that assists those who have a medical need to wrap for such things like chemo. They can consider applications for a starter kit. I've been lucky enough to recieve one. They are based in the USA.

    Good luck


  • Where in the US do you live? I'm a survivor, had the IP chemo and I'm in the Midwest, USA. Maybe I can help you?

  • Northwest Ohio

  • I live in Evansville Indiana. Our hospital just got certified to be an MD Anderson affiliated. I was in their commercial a few weeks ago. I got treated there. The best care possible here if you sre close enough to come

  • Hi Karen,

    I'm in southern NH, so we have access to the Mass General doctors. I, too, am very lucky in that regard. Best to you.....JudyV

  • Board certified Gyn Oncologist Surgeon here in Evansville. Verrrry important to have this type of dr. treat this type of cancer

  • Thinking of you and praying for the best.....JudyV

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