Surgery next Wednesday!

Hi just an update on my progress. Third round of Chemo completed successfully and Mri scan showing good results. Feel really well too with minimum side effects from chemo. Met surgeon today and have surgery planned for next Wednesday. Have been told i will have two surgeons operating on me, the gynae oncologist to remove the usual bits plus an upper abdomen expert to deal with the cancer just below my diaphram! Bit taken aback at first but then realised it is GOOD news to have two experts for the price of one!!!! Also surgeon said are aiming to remove all visible signs of cancer so that's great as i was expecting him to say that would be unlikely. Obviously nothing guaranteed but good news all the same. Just wondered if anyone else on here had disease high enough in the abdomen to warrant two surgeons plus a scar from pubic bone to just under ribs??!!!

MB xx :-)

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  • Hi wishes for your operation on Wednesday, it is a long scar that you are getting, they will certainly be able to have a good look around, at least things are moving forward. :-/ ;-)

    Love x G x :-)

  • You could ask them to take your tonsils out whilst they're there! Lol

  • Hee hee good idea Annie! Hope things going well with you? x

  • Thanks Gwyn,

    They might just get the vacuum cleaner out.xx

  • Wow see that is quite long, thought mine was huge but you win...! Best of luck next week - Having the double expertise on hand definitely a bonus, and its great that you feel so well too, that will really help you recover


    Sue xxx

  • Thankyou Sue,

    I suppose the length of the scar is irrelevant if it means a successful op?! Yes i'm optimistic about a quick recovery but also realistic enough to know it may take a while.x

  • My scar is like a ? around my navel and all the way over the pubic bone. It was as clean as a whistle and I had no stitches to come out or clips. I wish I'd had 2 surgeons as I have a turmour on my diaphragm that couldn't be removed. I'm not sure they knew it was there. I've been told my pelvis had almost frozen, which I think means the cancer had almost gone as far as it could.

    I made a great recovery and I'm sure you will too. Best wishes for Wed. Once it's gone it's gone and something less to worry about xx


  • Thankyou Chris,

    That's very true, whilst i was having chemo first i was thinking fair enough it zaps the stray cells (and its worked really well) but i need the bulk of it taking out as soon as possible! I had a chuckle about your ? scar and had visions of all sorts of shapes and patterns on my tummy i just hope they don't draw a noughts and crosses board!!! I'm not sure they CAN remove the disease under my diaphram but at least they know it is there and they are intending trying! Did you have MRI or CT scan before your op? They said the MRI scan was good but they wont know the full picture until they get in there.

    You seem to be doing really well regardless of the inability to remove the tumour from your diaphram though Chris. Continued good health to you!

    MB x

  • Hi Chris,

    To be or not to be? that is the question....:-/ ;-) Teehee love x G x :-)

  • Hi MB

    So pleased that things are going well and good luck for next Wednesday.

    I had the standard debulking done by a Gyn/Onc, who saw a "bump" on my liver which he left alone. I then had a PET scan which showed that it was in rather than on my liver, had several rounds of chemo to shrink it, then a liver surgeon to resect my liver. I have scar such as Chris describes from the first surgery, then a horizontal one under my ribs for the second.

    I am extremely glad that the first surgeon left the liver operation to a specialist in the field. It is indeed good to have two experts for the price of one, and very good that they are able to operate on the area just below your diaphragm.

    Let us know how you are doing, when you feel up to it

    Monique x

  • Thanks Monique,

    At the moment they think my cancer is on the surface of the liver (as shown on the MRI scan) not in it so im hoping they will be able to remove the disease there by scraping the surface. Not sure exactly sure how much around the diaphram but hopefully the two experts will do a good job at trying to remove everything they can!

    Thanks for your good wishes -i will post on here after surgery when i have results!


  • Good luck with the op. It does sound good news indeed. Take it easy afterwards and let us know how you're getting on. Xxxx love Annie

  • Thank you Annie,

    You are always so supportive of everybody! Hope everything going well with the campaign. Will send post op news when i can.


  • Hi

    I had two surgeons - one specifically for the diaphragm and around the liver. Fortunately it was on the liver rather than in it. I had surgery on my diaphragm but ended up with no visible sign of disease which I was very pleased with.

    Good luck with surgery!

    All the best!


  • Ooh Lynn this sounds promising! It's always good to hear positive accounts of people with similar experience.

    Fingers crossed my outcome is as good!

    Cheers x

  • Hi MB

    Its sounding good. My surgeon told me that after surgery, I was technically cancer free, though of course I did go on to have the final 3 cycles of chemo.

    My scar stretches from the pubic bone, curves around the navel and travels upwards to a couple of inches below the breast. I think it was because they had to take my spleen out. I only had one surgeon for the op as far as I know, though I did have two for my later op to correct the vesico vaginal fistula that occurred after the original surgery. Definitely a good idea to have the expertise on hand.

    Sending you my best wishes for next Wednesday.

    Love Mary xx

  • Thanks Mary,

    It sounds like your scar is pretty impressive! Really good news it left you cancer free before the final 3 cycles of chemoI but not so good about the extra surgery later.I presume everything went well with that and you didnt have any complications? I am quite reassured that having two experts gives me a good chance of removing as much of the cancer as possible in the safest way.

    Roll on next Thursday! x

  • I just remembered,I have a friend who had two surgeons at the same time, one for the upper and one for the lower region, and that was over eleven years ago so it all looks good to me.

    Best wishes love x G x :-)

  • Thank you Gwyn that's fantastic news! I take it your friend is fit and well?!! I know we no two cases are the same and we all respond differently but its always good to hear about successful outcomes!


  • Best wishes MB. Hope all goes really well for you.

    Love Hilary xxxxx

  • Thanks

  • Dear Mummybear59 ,

    Oddles of best wishes for next week are on their way to you .....Just remember its rest and lots more rest afterwards ..... and lets hope spring is round the corner soon for you to enjoy some warm weather while recovering .

    Take good care xxx

    Love Jan xxx

  • Thank you Jan I am definitely having my operation at the right time with brighter and lighter days to come! Looking forward to nice walks on the clifftops looking out to sea! I will make sure i rest first though.

  • Sending you all my love and every best wish for Wednesday. You are clearly getting the best attention. Hope your stitches are as neat as mine - I actually asked my surgeon if his wife had done them!

    Anthea xx

  • Hee hee yeah I hope so too. Thanks Anthea.x

  • Hi

    All the best for your op next week. Hope it all goes well, and is good news.

    Love Linda xxx

  • Thank you Linda. x

  • Hi Mummybear!

    Only wanted to add my (belated) good wishes for next Wednesday. It sounds as if your treatment plan is going to give a great outcome. My surgeon apologised to me after my op, as I have quite a jagged-looking big scar too, but not as big as yours will be. He said he had to cut quite a bit as he wanted to ' have a good old rummage round in there to make sure I'd got as much as possible out' Long live big scars and skilful surgeons, I say! He gave me a new lease of life. That was in December 2002. I hope you have great results too. Will be thinking of you. :-) I'm sure it will be a good result. Sending posivibes and hugs (((xxx)))

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thank you Wendy.

    Totally agree. If a big scar means successful surgery so be it! We soon learn what is important in life and lack of hair and scarred bodies are mere trivialities!!!


  • I am very proud of my battle scar! So will you be too ;-)

    Love W xx

  • Hi MummyBear,

    I had two surgeons and a scar from my pubic bone to just below the breastbone as I had to have my spleen and part of the pancreas removed - though I hadn't expected that when I went into surgery ( nor had my surgeon - they had to get another surgeon, from a different hospital, in during the op to deal with the pancreas and spleen). This was followed up by 6 cycles of chemo.

    A year on nobody can believe how healthy I look!

    Best of luck on Wednesday I'm sure two surgeons will be good.

    Big hug

    Zannah x

  • Thank you Zannah!

    That must have been a long surgery if they had to drag another surgeon in unexpectedly. Great news that everything worked out well though and you are now fit and well! I was initially concerned at NEEDING two surgeons but thanks to everyone on here i am now reassured that its actually really good news,


  • Hi MummyBear,

    I was in surgery for over 8 hours. I felt very sorry for the surgeons and the poor lady who was due to follow me on my surgeons list. I don't think she got into theatre until after 5pm! Needless to say I don't remember too much until the following day.


    Zannah x

  • Oh my goodness! Your family must have been worried about you being 8 hours?! All's well that ends well though.x

  • Lots and lots of good luck for next Wednesday, really good that you have the right surgeons for the right bits. I asked my surgeon if he could make sure that I had a flat stomach afterwards and he laughed and said he might be a bit busy! He was but I have a very neat very long scar which also curves around my belly button. Stomach nice and flat too but the steroids and my appetite are sorting that out LOL .

    Will be thinking of you - lotsa hugs Amanda xxx

  • Thanks for the good wishes and the hugs Amanda.x

  • Hi, bit late replying only just seen your post. I had two surgeons at my op one was the a liver specialist. I was cut across a previous ceasarian scar plus up from pubic bone to bottom of rib and then across to get the to the liver. If it helps I was stage 4 and have just been for my 6 monthly check up and all's well. My next check is September when I'll be 3 years into remission, (please God). Iwish you lots of luck with your op, hope it all goes well.

    love and hugs Chris x

  • Thank you Chris it certainly helps to hear your news! That's fantastic after being diagnosed as stage 4! And great for me too to confirm that two surgeons means they're on the ball and can ensure the best results possible.

    Thanks again I really appreciate you posting and best wishes for continued good health.

    M B xxx

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