Seroma following total hysterectomy for OC

Hi all you lovely ladies out there. This is my first post and I am interested to know whether anyone else has experience of a seroma giving them problems after chemo? A seroma is a fluid filled cyst that grows in the abdominal space after major surgery and often the fluid is re absorbed by the body without any need for intervention.

After Chemo 2 my right leg swelled from ankle to hip and having ruled out a DVT an ultrasound showed a seroma , which then went down spontaneously in 2 weeks. However, following Chemo 4 I was admitted to hospital again with spiking temps from infection of unknown origin and an ultrasound showed the cyst was now over 7 cm so they put a drain in for 2 days but less than 200 ml was drained and the fluid was not infected.

If anyone else has had experience of a seroma I would really like to hear from you.

Thanks for your help.

Best wishes,


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  • Hi Barbara I am sorry I have not had this experience to answer your questions. I would suggest you ring the Ovacome Nurse on Monday and hopefully you will get some answers. Also consult your gynae team, write down some questions in readiness for the consult. Welcome to the page and maybe some one else may have had this experience and will answer you shortly

  • Hi Barbara,

    Really sorry I don't have any knowledge or experience with a seroma but just wanted to wish you well. Ring the nurse helpline - they're great.

    Sandra X X x

  • Thanks for your good wishes Sandra, much appreciated. Hope you continue to do well too. Best wishes, Barbara

  • Hi there. This sounds very similar to me - my surgery was last May and chemo started in June. By August I had developed fluid filled lumps around the base of my scar which was originally thought to be an abscess. I then had a scare as both a GP and gynie consultant said it might be new tumours growing and I had a biopsy in late October after chemo. It ended up being an infected seroma which I had surgery to cut out and drain in November. The infection didn't clear up straight away and they discovered it was resistant to most antibiotics. After a lot of faffing about and being scared that it was more cancer it all cleared up eventually! I hope you get sorted out soon - they didn't do anything until my chemo had finished though. X

  • Thanks for that most informative reply. Glad you finally got yours sorted but they were able to wait until end of chemo before doing the surgery. I suspect I might need surgery as apparently the seroma is not just one sac of fluid but has several different sections to make things more complicated! I just hope it doesn't swell up again following tomorrows chemo.

    Hope you continue to do well.

    Best wishes,


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