Complete Hysterectomy and debulking

Hi everybody

After 4 rounds of chemo for stage 3/4 OC, I had uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and part of omentum removed last Monday - I was told that the liver, spleen and bowel might be also affected. I was overjoyed when I was told there was no evidence any more of cancer in these organs, as the chemo (Taxol/Carboplatin )had killed the disease). So, I am officially disease free! Some more chemo later in the year is scheduled I think.

I am home from hospital since Saturday and I am in quite a bit of pain which I expected, but what I wasn't expecting was to experience the severe cramping and nausea that has kicked in the last few days. Has anybody else experienced these symptoms? If anyone has, do you have advice on how to manage this?

Looking forward to any help!


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  • Hi juliet - I had my debulking in may last year and was exactly the same! I think it's because they handle the bowel when they're rummaging around and bowels hate being handled! ! I was plagued by cramps and nausea for around 2 weeks! I remember sticking to yoghurt and small amounts of soft bland stuff like mash and fish; little and often is the key! I wouldn't worry too much as long as you're drinking - I remember losing around a stone in weight! Just hang in there - it will get easier! Keep moving around as well as this will help shift the wind!! XXxx

  • Thank Maz. it really helps to know someone else has experienced the same and there will be an end to it!


  • Hi Sorry to hear that you are experiencing severe cramping and nausea. I would contact my oncology nurse and let her know as soon as possible and take advice. Alternatively you could contact the secretary of the surgeon and as for a consultation with him/ her or even ring oncology triage service if you have one where you live. Hopefully it will pass but it might be that part of your bowel has become affected by the op. Good luck. Jo

  • Thanks Jo-Bo

    I actually spoke to Surgeon today who told me it's normal to feel this as the bowel has been handled during the op. So I will see how the next few days go...............


  • I think the rummaging does upset things and it can take a while to settle down.

    My tips: probiotics, drink hot water and/or ginger, soup, whatever takes your fancy in small amounts often, and try and take your mind off it and/or see the funny side of having a gynae operation and ending up so focussed on digestion!

    Good luck xx

  • Thank Mac

    I am getting the probiotics and already drink a lot of hot water with a slice of lemon - I've now added the ginger!


  • I meant to say probiotic pills - I've been taking them for about 4 months now and the gut problems I'd had since my last ( hernia) surgery have finally settled down (thanks to someone on here) - the ones I take have ranged from 10 to 30 billion live organisms.... and I agree about peppermint tea or fresh mint in hot water..and indeed fennel

  • Hi, I had the severe cramping but not the nausea, and was very weak. My GP suggested probiotic yogurts , even two a day. I think I had the Activia ones, and within four days it was practically gone. It worked a treat for me. I also find peppermint tea and capsules very good for any rumblings. Best wishes, Trix

  • Thanks Trix,

    Probiotic yogurts seem to work for a lot of people, they're now on the shopping list (with the peppermint tea!)


  • I don't want to worry you but I had bad wind pains cramping nausea after my op. It ended up being a stomach bug I had picked up in the hospital. I was isolated and fed strong antibiotics. Go to your medical team and get advice. It probably is nothing but it is better to check. Best of luck. Sharon

  • Thanks Sharon, I spoke to Surgeon who did op this morning and he said it's normal to have cramping after the handling of the bowel. I am going to wait until next week to see if there is any improvement, before I contact him again.


  • I am so glad. I had a pretty rough time of it. I am pleased you are okay.

  • Hi Juliet

    I hope you're taking things VERY easily. I was told to lift nothing heavier than a credit card by my surgeon and took that advice to heart - I didn't even lift a kettle.

    I made a really good recovery. I'd forgotten about those pains after surgery. It was trapped wind at first. Walking whilst in hospital was the only thing that cleared that. Once home I did get pain associated with the bowel not liking being handled.

    It will go as you recover, but as Sharon says, watch out for infections and seek advice from your CNS or oncology team if it persists or gets worse.

    Wonderful news they cleared everything for you. xxx Annie

  • Thanks so much! I am not taking it quite that easy,but I am certainly not overdoing it. I am being vigilant around my temperature etc and monitoring how I feel. If I don't have significant improvement by the end of the week, I am going to contact surgeon again.

    I have another question for all you ladies - I have started to bleed, not very heavily but enough to have to use a pad all the time. I'm presuming this is normal even at my age ?(60)

    Thanks again to all for the fantastic support this site provides!

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