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Hernia following hysterectomy

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Hi everybody. I posted about post chemo bloating a few days ago and followed your advice to contact my CNS which I did on Wednesday.

I saw my oncologist yesterday and was greatly relieved that my swollen tummy wasn't due to cancer related ascites. However, she says I have a hernia underneath my op scar and that is the cause of the swelling. I just wondered whether anyone else has had this experience and would be grateful for any hints and tips on living with it. She said they wouldn't want to operate so soon after my TAH unless I suddenly developed acute pain meaning it had strangulated which would be a medical emergency.

She told me to get some control pants to hold my tummy in and Ruth at Ovacome said to be very careful about lifting things but I wondered if there are any other dos or donts that I should know about. I know this is a trivial thing compared with many other queries posted on here but I would really welcome any advice from people who have had a similar experience.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Best wishes,


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Hi Barbara,

I had two incisional hernias that developed after my surgery. They were operated on about 18 months after my initial surgery. Both of the pieces of advice you've already been given are good and I would add try to avoid getting constipated as that can put an additional strain on things. I would also say as well as being careful how you lift things beware of over stretching.

I hope all goes well for you.

Zannah X

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Barlow1951 in reply to Zannah

Thanks Zannah for such a quick and helpful reply. I will heed your advice!

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Best wishes,


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Sherrym in reply to Zannah

What does the incisional hernia feel like? I have a large bump on my scar, so I wondered. It's not sore but though scar has healed well it IS v long so I hope it's just something simple

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Barlow1951 in reply to Sherrym

My tummy feels tight but I am not in any pain thankfully. I would check out this bump with your GP.

Well Barlow1951 that is a relief for you in some ways. I think you can order a support through Boots or maybe through your hospital. I am sorry this has happened but I agree with the advice given. I hope you are resting when you can and enjoying the lovely weather

Hi, i had a large incisional hernia. I tried the spanx pants also prescribed a big belt with velcro. Lifting is a no no. Finally after a long battle i got the hernia operated on. Now i have my tummy back nice & flat.

How long did it take before you were operated on for the hernia?

It took over a year.

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