Sore hysterectomy scar

I had a hysterectomy 10 weeks ago and my first chemo session one week ago.

Today I noticed that the scar felt a bit sore and when I felt it, there was a hardened area under the sore area. It does not look inflamed and I am sure there is no infection. Has anyone else experienced anything like this after chemo?

I hope that once again I can turn to this forum for help to put my mind to rest. The problem with this disease is that I find myself obsessed with my body and constantly carrying out body-scans to check how everything is going. Guess that is how it is going to be from now on|

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  • Personally I would get it checked. About 3 months after my op I was coming out of the shower and thankfully my nurse daughter saw my scar and said you need to see a doctor immediately. Was hard and red around but no pain or itch. Had severe infection and needed month of antibiotics. Good luck. X

  • I'm 7 weeks after op and was just saying to my partner today that my scar was sore, he replied it's early days yet what do u expect?? I understand what he's saying but will definitely ask the cns when I see her a week on Wednesday. If it's worrying you definitely get it checked out. Xx

  • Having been awake most of the night with a scar problem I was reassured to read your post this morning. I had my op just over 4 weeks ago. I have had a little problem with a small piece of wound not healing but all good enough for chemo to start Wednesday. All night it has felt as if all my nerves endings are exposed along the scar. No infection or new hardness. I applied my silicone scar gel but no relief. I'm not too worried about it but it is very annoying. I'm sure it's another step along the way of chemo delights.

    I hope you are not suffering too much.

    Tracey x

  • I think you should have it checked too. My hysterectomy scar, 2 years later, is still pink and hardened. It could be scar tissue forming. Best be safe. Nesie237

  • Thanks for all the advice. I will ring today and see what they say.

  • It is normal for a scar in the healing process to feel hard under the skin. This will reduce in time naturally. As long as the scar is clean and dry with no inflammation or discharge. It is a good idea after your shower to lie down on the bed and leave it exposed to the air for a few minutes to dry off before getting dressed. Have a good day.

  • thanks for that. I must admit it is feeling better this am

    think perhaps I was panicking!

  • Nothing wrong with panicking! We have all done it. X

  • Best to have it checked,but my scar is lumpy and hard and I do get a few twinges and that is all normal,but,any inflammation or pain I would mention it,I am a long after op,but you are soon after,so do it for peace of mind we all get body obsessed I get appearance obsessed and I'm sure others do too.

    I think it comes with the disease, but you are in good company, none of us are going mad we probably worry too much about how we are perceived,but we are in good company Hun and don't worry

    Carole xxx

  • I actually went to see my GP this morning, and I have an incisional hernia!

    Not what I wanted to hear, it seems one step forward and one step backwards. They are going to leave it for the moment but I am to go straight back if bits and pieces start bulging out!! Oh joy!

  • Just take it easy, we all have hiccups,it makes us stronger and life is never dull! I get a bit numbed by all that goes on, I suppose some would say I take it in my stride,or in my words I stick my head in the sand!

    A sense of humour always helps and it sounds like you have that in bucket loads,

    Lots of love,

    Carole xxx

  • Hi 27-359. I don't want to panic you again but If I were you I would phone the surgeon's secretary and leave a message for the surgeon. Hopefully they will give you an appointment for the surgeon to take a look. Take Care.

  • Well done for getting it checked. I was warned that lifting could cause this. I'm sure it just happens though. I hope it settles and you don't have another thing to deal with. Tracey

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