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Hi all is been a couple of weeks since I've posted back too work, sorted out my hours and days still on reduces hours it has been a bit of a battle sorting it out but I've got there, just wondering how you people coped with work colleagues so have been great and some of them look at me and they don't know what to say I've known these people a very long time I feel a bit out of place I've been positive and just talking about everyday things hoping this will pass, Plus side getting stronger everyday and off to Milan next weekend for a couple days looking forward too that my first break since having this horrible disease hope you lovely people are doing well sending lots of love.



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  • Hi im pleased work it getting better i no bein there you just look after number 1 thats you... i found out when i went back to work colleagues they just dont know what to say and tip toe round you.. i said to them im still me and as long as you keep me laughing and smile'ing every time im at work its keeps your mind from thinking... you will be ok you've done the hard bit with what you've had to cope with and have lovely break in milan you deserve some you time.. sending you hugs xxx

  • thanks for your reply we have been through so much you don't realise what you been through until you start being normal again hope your well? Take care xxx

  • Enjoy Milan will be the break you deserve & a great change of scene which will be good for the soul.

    Some people don't know what to do/say and that's ok. As long as you're doing ok & starting to feel 'normal' 👍🏻 I'm glad you've got your work hours sorted.

    Happy travels! Xx

  • Hi tess66. I've just completed 6 weeks of half days. All was going well but last week so shattered. The first day back I felt like the elephant in the room but now it's as though I've never been ill. My deputy head asks how I'm doing. The head hasn't asked once. Didn't even ask if I was ok to do two parents eves as well. They are what shattered me. They think I'm back to normal. They don't know that when I come home I have to spend he afternoon lying down. I've to add two full days after half term. My colleagues have been kind and its a good thing i suppose they are acting as if im fine. Anyway later today I'm off to Lanzarote. Woop woop. Enjoy Milan x

  • I have just completed 3 weeks back to work on reduced hours. I have to say all my colleagues have been great, most haven't ask about my illness (they all know I have had cancer) but just said things like great to see you back, we missed you, or how happy to see me. Lots have purposely come into my office just to say hello! However, I have found work extremely tiring and although I loved my job before I was ill, somehow my heart isn't in it any more, and I don't feel like the same person , hopefully in time I might be like my old self again!

    Enjoy Milan it's a great city!


  • Same they all know I've have cancer I work in a place where there are a lot people, so there is a few people who don't no which is good really I can just be myself, I'm looking forward to my little break it will be nice to be myself hope you are okay we are very brave warriors on here take care



  • Hi Tess66

    I know what you mean about work colleagues but when I tried to decide what I wanted them to say/do I couldn't decide! It is always going to be awkward and I guess there is no 'right way'... particularly because OC is never over..


  • My colleagues, have been great there no right way , just feel once your back and people keep saying you look so well, they think is all over, I'm suffering with tiredness I'm shattered at night, I think my heart isn't in now I hope it changes soon I'm am looking forward to my break plus I'm off for 12 days so I should be more stronger when I go back, doing a lot of walking at the moment got a Fitbit is great it keeps your motivatied doing 7,000 steps hoping to get the 10,000 steps I'm not rushing it, hope you lovely ladies have a nice weekend take it easy thanks for your support xxxx


  • So glad you got sorted in the end another fight done... I'm a little behind you and have not returned to work yet u have mixed feelings of dread anticipation and wanting to be normal. I look like a cancer patient at mo and that in itself make people look at you and react to you strangley ... I am me I'm no different I forget that I have no hair I want people to be normal with me if you get what u mean... Look me in the eye I'm the same person and I have met a lot of lovely people I want to smile and laugh enjoy life I don't think some people get this... I guess not going what we have been through its hard for them to understand cancer is not us it's a disease we had to battle but it's not our life ... It's not us I don't want to think that OC has changed me ... Am I stronger I don't think so my inner strength and the wonderful ladies on here drive me forward ... We are warriors that crave normal .... Im hoping that it will be normal again for you and things will fall in to place .... Enjoy Milan ... Post a pic I'm so jealous so want post chemo trip too❤️

  • Thank you will post a picture take care.



  • Pleased you getting back to work, I am sure it is difficult for your work colleagues not knowing what to say. Enjoy Milan remember you have been through so much.

    Ellsey xx

  • Thank you

    Tess66 xxx

  • Blimey! I was diagnosed June 2015 & still not back at work. Well done u is all I can say.

  • I was diagnosed in February had a full hysterectomy in early March had my omentum removed as well I was cut open started my chemotherapy early may just had carboplatin didn't lose my hair had six lots finished in August I'm am getting stronger each day, just taking my time and resting was stage 2. Hope you are okay?



  • Yeah. I was stage 3C, had massive surgery like u including cervix & as much of peritoneum as poss. Combo Chemo & 5 avastin. Presently no sign of disease, but exhausted still

  • I had a CT scan in September and my bloods taken was good news no sign of the disease also like you feel exhausted I go back in December for my three month check just a blood test for ca125 still worrying though for us.


  • If u exhausted, please don't force yourself to work. My friend went back to teaching & broke her ankle & has an infection. Too soon after breast cancer treatment she's told.

    Can u not claim sick leave for a full recovery? Or does working help u?

  • I just feel exhausted at night but each day I'm am getting stronger, I had full pay for 6 months plus I get full pay for my reduces hours which I will be doing for a while, and if I'm am not feeling to good and need to go back on the sick I still get full pay, I'm am being careful while I'm am back to work thanks for your support.



  • Great you are getting stronger and having a break to Milan, I would love to go there. I am glad you sorted out better working conditions. I did find that Cancer wasnt mentioned to me on my returns to work. It is rather strange isnt it, perhaps people do not know what to say. I have done a Mindfulness course and it it does help me deal with all weird situations and I have also learned that if I feel something isnt quite right and I am not happy , I speak up or just let it over my head. For the first time in my life, I am looking after myself as best I can, This was very hard as I was always on the go with a sick parent etc but all that has passed. I have learned that everything passes and that was a huge lesson to me.

  • That's correct they don't no know what to say a lot of friends have told me I'm have been very brave plus some friends have stay away I don't understand that I was a person who would organise things nights out I love having a good time and laughed always messing about and having fun I'm am thinking off myself and doing what I want to do maybe that's a bit selfish but we have all learned on here that's life is for living and enjoy everyday - me too going on a program soon in November maybe I will understand my family and friends better thanks for your support take care.



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