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Went to see my Consultant at the Marsden on Tuesday just finished 6 Carbo and CT scan was good have an appointment end of May my consultant is great and keeps a very close eye on me. I was told to go on holiday very soon as it could return anytime hope not last time was good I had eight months before it all started again. Busy ticking off my wish list one down three to go. thank you Ladies for all you good wishes its a great help. Love Janis x

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  • Great news Janis. Get packing and have a great time :) xx Trish

  • Thank you Trish I intend to xx

  • What great news Janis! Enjoy your holiday and your bucket list. What else have you in mind to do? Sending loads of love xxx

  • Grandson No 2s graduation Theatre in London and a trip to the ballet that done I will add something else. love Janis x

  • You must be happy so now go and do what you want to do most and enjoy it. Life is for living especially when the Cancer isnt winning

  • Hoping I will have a Summer like last year I will certainly try x

  • Well Done Janis, finger's crossed for an even longer remission . Have yourself a fantastic time. Enjoy, Life is for Living. Love Trish xx

  • I would be interested to know what they can offer you as a finish-all cure. I have been speaking to my consultant down here in Truro. I do make my feelings about being on a cancer-remission-cancer scheme which does not suit me at all!! I was very successfully treated for breast cancer 14 years ago and the radiotherapy seems to put a finish on that cancer, I obvious want the same outcome from this cancer, I was recently in remission for the princely time of SIX weeks!!!! I know there are radiotherapy options but with terrible possible side effects to the vital organs in the peritoneal area (my cancer is ppc and as we probably know is a larger piece of tissue when hung up that the surface area of the skin! ) Not an easy job I admit to clear it from this enormous area. How about proton therapy, I ask. I keep asking questions and hopefully I shall be provided with some answers! Keeping the baby out of the bath water - Gio

  • Great to hear your good news Janis. Long may it continue 💐

  • Brilliant Janis. I suppose like me you'll be surfing the net to find your holiday. Enjoy. Ann xo

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