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Feeling Poorly


I had my first dose of chemo yesterday I didn't feel ill but not amazing either. I expected to feel buzzing after steroids but I didn't feel better until the evening. Today I don't feel well either but nothing I can put my finger on. Surely the steroids should have me in house cleaning mood. Have taken anti-sickness. No temperature.

It was a rubbish day yesterday my stoma bag burst when I arrived for chemo I was covered my clothes and shoes had to throw away support wear as full of poo. Had chemo in two hospital nighties back to back cod of split and a blanket round me. So delayed by forty mins. Good job was in a car.

Hubby was great and so were nurses but today hubby expects me to feel okay because of drugs. I don't. Should I?


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Hello Lily Anne,

Sorry to hear about your traumatic day yesterday that must have been difficult to deal with! I find that I feel very strange in the few days after Chemo I have described it as "other worldy" or "out of body" I feel like I am there but not there it's very strange to be honest! My sister is not long finished Chemo for Breast Cancer and she said that she was like a duracell bunny for the few days after but I haven't felt like that! I have taken to assessing how I feel when I get up in the morning and working with that for the day, one day at a time as they say!!!! Take it easy on yourself!!!!


Hi lily Anne - as you go through each cycle you will find out what works for you and how to manage things. I think as a general rule it's normal to feel tired and out of it for a few days but take heart in the knowledge that it WILL pass! ! Tell hubby that chances are you won't be back to normal the next day so just take each day as it comes and be kind to yourself; best wishes for your treatment xxxx

Sounds like you had a really traumatic time...sorry to hear that. On the chemo effects..yes just do what you feel up to doing...if that's lying in bed then do it! Today I'm day 3 and feel less poisoned but have joint pain ...so planning to potter about a bit nothing more. Hope it goes well for you and that you soon feel more human xx

The dose of steroids given with carboplatin is much lower than the dose given with taxol, so you tend not to get the same wired effect. Plus, everyone is different - not everybody gets the same degree of side effects. I found that I was tired overall during chemo, I used to have one or two episodes of nausea so intense that I was dizzy, but it soon passed. Take plenty of rest, be kind to yourself. All will be well. Vx

Oh LA, sounds like you had an horrendous day yesterday. Everyone reacts differently and if you're not buzzing after the steroids then that's not a bad thing as you can rest. Remember to keep a diary of how you're feeling so you have an idea of what to expect next time and in the meantime take one day at a time. That's one down xx

Hello Lily-Anne, so sad you had such an awful experience the first day of chemo. Such stress may have knocked out some of the steroids buzzing effect maybe. Rest until you feel able to potter around. Helen

Hi Lily-Anne

Hope you are getting over your traumatic experience. Such a lot to contend with. Amazing nurse's, take it all in their stride.

First chemo is an assault on the system. You will ease yourself into your own routine as you progress through. I find the steroids make me a bit antsy, and I get a little restless at night, but not sufficient to require any additional help. Just practice my relaxation breathing, best thing I learnt at ante natal classes many moons ago. I am on day 5 after my final chemo today and feeling tired, so just having a lazy day. House cleaning, what's that?#/@!^. Now a delegated task. I have some good friend's and family around. It's always more fun to clean someone else's house , so they tell me.

I like to get out for a walk everyday if at all possible, even if it's just a short, hop and a skip to get fresh air and some exercise. looking forward to the spring and the summer ahead.

You have done so well to cope with your operation recovery, stoma and the chemo. No mean feat.

Take good care of yourself.

Love Loraine x

Hi Lilly Ann,

I expected to be rushing around the house like mad loon too, but no, no bursts of energy for me when on the steroids on both lines....I was there waiting for it to happen, waiting for the sleepless nights, but no, nada, zilch. Felt seen off!

But think one down 5 to go, you can do this


HI Lily Anne, what a thing to happen but I am sure the nurses have seen it all before and try not to worry. So you had a new fashion coming home, well that was interesting but I expected you just couldnt wait to get into your pjs or own clothes at home. What can I say about hubbies, although they can be the best in the world and make you a cuppa, they can also disappear and do their own thing without asking if you need anything in the shop. I asked mine a few months back why did he not realise I have an illness and the reply I got was, well you get up every morning and carry on as normal etc etc. So actually that answer although maybe not adequate was in part correct. He probably feels you are coping if you are up and about. Maybe the meds you got are enough to stop you feeling nauseated or you could get a bad day. The advice you have is good, keep a diary because some feelings will be new to you. If you feel ill, let your hubby know. He is probably scared deep down like all men. I hope you will get on okay over the next few weeks and if you have a problem with anything, do ring your oncology unit or if its something we can help with ask us on here. So one done and five to go, and next time you will be one third of the way there.

Hi LA ,sorry about your "one of those days " I also had stoma bag for a year , used to kick up at awkward times . Steriods never did any thing for me on topencan (cemo) at moment don't bother with them just anti sickness . Have the don't know how I feel or what I want days also , WE all go through the s**t days xx look for light at end of tunnel head for that , good luck xxxxx


It sounds as if you've had a traumatic time of it, on your first chemo to. Big hugs to you and try and have lots of rest and take it one day at a time. Drink lots of water. You will get into a routine and know what works for you and what days you don't feel so good take care xx

Hi Lily-Ane. Sorry to hear you had such a crap (whoops - no pun intended) day yesterday and hopefully things will start to feel better for you very soon. I can't add anything to what's already been suggested, just go with the flow and take each day as it comes.

As for husband's, what would we do without them?? Mine also seems to think that if I look OK, I must be OK. He doesn't understand the "head stuff" that goes on alongside this disease. As Suzuki says "its the man way of dealing with things". Still wouldn't swap him though!!

Maybe you could take a change of clothes with you next time in case you have a repeat performance? I'm sure the nurses did their best, but I can't see a new fashion based on hospital gowns taking off somehow!! I also find that reverse psychology helps - if you have a change, it won't be needed. Good luck anyway, remember one down already and each session is one nearer the finish line. You have been strong this far with all you have had to endure, just hang in there.

Thinking of you. Ali xx

Lily-Ann as you know, I'm a novice at all of this. But after the day you had, I doubt Rocky Balboa would have felt that good. Hope you feel better soon. x

Sorry to hear you had such a traumatic day but at least that's the first chemo done. On three-weekly chemo (be it Taxol, Carboplatin, etc) I always felt, as your first responder said, 'other worldy' for the days following chemo. Whilst I was on steroids I found I couldn't sleep so I changed my regime so I only had steroids in the morning so the effects had worn off by bedtime. The day after I finished the steroids (three days after infusion) I would crash and feel awful for two days (nausea and overwhelming fatigue) so I would take to my bed. the day after it was like someone switched something over in my brain and I started to feel normal again. I would then feel absolutely fine until the next dose.

Take care, as much rest as you need and let hubby look after you.

Love Sharon


Thanks ladies feeling pretty awful today chest hurts sicky feeling restless. I feel such a wimp

LA xx

Hi LA, you're not a wimp, try and drink lots of water if you can as it will help flush it through your system and small regular snacks will help with the sicky feeling, massive hugs, Kerry x

No you are not a wimp, you have chemo in your system and hopefully you will be over the worst in another day or so, The weather isnt helping to lift any moods either at the moment. Just go with it, its okay to have duvet days, maybe take anti nausea if you have them, if they dont work then ask the team for something else. There is always an alternative. First time out got Motilium and it was up again soon after I swallowed it, so I put up with it for a few hours and rang the oncology on call in a different hospital and he rang through a script to my chemist. I have to add that we no longer have that facility, we either go to a and e or the doc on call service. It does get better in a day or so, just hold on in there

Oh it's such rubbish isn't it. I have been feeling pretty dreadful through this line of chemo too. Carbo three weekly and taxol weekly.

Definitely agree with the other comments re feeling spaced out, heady,nauseous and really tired.

I have had some good days though too, so just tried to make the most of them.

Do hope you feel better soon and get some good advice to cope with the bad days. Good luck xxx

You're much tougher than you give yourself credit for. Wish I'll stick with it that well when the time comes. Really hope you will feel better soon though. Hang in there.


well, am from usa so will say:

oh, honey, i am so sorry.

dont have a stoma, but been there, done that....on the way to last scan, just horrible. thankfully had plastic bags in the back seat or would have ruined the car.

well, it can take our dignity, but it cant take our intrinsic us. you know the chemo effects will pass.

meanwhile, you're not alone...if you've had a baby, then just another indignity. if you havent...well, indignity is the lot of womankind, i think.

all good thoughts for you. you've been through way too much lately.

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