Chemo Delayed

Hello ladies/gentlemen.

My 3rd round of chemo was delayed for a week because my bloods came back and the nurse told me that my immune system was a little low. Plus the fact that I have got a load of cold sores all over my nose and between my eyebrows, it looks like I was attacked by a dog. I went to my own doctor and he gave me anti virals, Then yesterday I got the dreaded sulphur burps and didn't get a wink of sleep all night. The nurse that was looking after me today was very thorough and she got the doctor to see me. He said that he will talk to his team and decide where to go from there. I was relieved in a way that I didn't have chemo because I felt so horrible today. I hope I will feel a bit better tomorrow, I am hoping for a good night's sleep. I dont have anyone to talk to about this so its great to be able to write it down. Thanks for reading ..

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  • Hey Damelza!

    Sorry you are feeling so bad and sorry you missed your Chemo! Mind yourself with those nasty cold sores I get them myself sometimes and they are bloody painful!!!

    I hope you feel better tomorrow!


  • Hope you feel a bit better soon, it's better that chemo was delayed especially when you feel so rotten. Hope you get a good night sleep, which will help.



  • Tomorow is another day and it sounds like you are being well looked after.

    After a good nights sleep all will look more optimistic and a plan will have put in place.

    I wish you all the very best and let us know how you get on

    Carole xxx

  • Hi Damelza,

    I wouldn't worry about a delay for a week. But do make sure your use the time wisely by resting and getting the right nutrition into you and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Chemo is a balancing act isn't it.

    I hope you feel better tomorrow love.

    Debs xxx

  • Hi, I'm sorry your having there side effects. I too have suffered with cold soires and know how painful they can be. Rest as mu h as you can this week and avoid crowds whilst immune system is low. Ann x

  • That's really not nice and they take a while to go as well. Hope you have a better day today xx

  • Hope you had a good night's sleep. You are quite vulnerable to infection while your immune system is so low which is probably why the cold sores have made an appearance. Good luck with getting them cleared.

  • Hi Damelza,

    I had a delay with my four chemo due to my platelets being low - I felt better having another week rest from chemo - I drank lots of water and rested more hope you feel better soon and your cold sores clear up soon take care


  • So sorry you've developed those rotten cold sores. Do hope the anti- viral S soon kick in and you'll be free of them. It sounds as though your chemo team are looking after you well.

    Hope you have a restful, flopping around day and find some interesting TV programmes or DVDs to escape into as the weather doesn't look good at the moment.

    Love and a big hug ((((HUG)))), Solange. 😊

  • It is probably best they postponed treatment for another week until you feel better, they anti virals will help dry up the cold sores. One of these things or maybe you were in contact with chicken pox. I think that the idea of plenty fluids is good, if you dont feel like eating ask your gp for the fortesip shakes, they do give you some energy. If you feel like eating then eat plenty fruit and veg, hope you feel better soon. Also take plenty of rest

  • Dear Damelza, wishing you a good nights sleep. Sounds like your immune system needs a rest. Love T. X

  • Don't worry about chemotherapy being delayed. I am on a trial where I get chemotherapy weekly and three treatments have been cancelled because my bloods were not good enough. I have also had three blood transfusions and two stays in hospital because of low white blood cells. A week will give you time to recover for the next session.


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