No chemo today due to low platelets......feeling worried for next week

Hi ladies

I have had 3 cycles Carbo/Taxol (9 chemo sessions) and then had debulking surgery. I am now having 3 more cycles and was supposed to have my 3rd chemo of cycle one today. I arrived and was told my platelets were 33 so I couldn't have chemo due to risk of bleeding out. I didn't have this problem at all in my previous chemo sessions. Dr. said that I will hopefully get chemo next week if the numbers rise high enough. I am feeling anxious and depressed about this. I feel like my chemo is my lifeline right now, and to miss it means that the microscopic cells left after my debulking surgery now have an opportunity to grow and create more cancer. Has anyone else had this happen? Additionally my CA125 has dropped to 25 which had me very excited until my oncologist told me it didn't really mean anything. I was devastated. How can it not really mean anything when I started out with a CA125 of 16,000 in May? I know I still have cancer cells as the 2 chemos I have had since surgery most likely wouldn't have destroyed all the cells. I'm just so upset today and feel like I've been emotionally set back a month!!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Kim xo

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  • Dear Kim, I'm sending a big hug to you. Plus I'd stick a finger up at that doctor of yours. How can a drop to 25 from 000's not be a good thing? I find the insensitivity of some Drs so frustrating. They might study and treat ovarian cancer but they don't understand people.

    I'm sitting in the chemo suite as I write this. It's meant to be my last chemo today but I was told on Friday my white blood count was very low and my red count borderline. Have just waited 2 hours for a blood test and then I expect another hours wait till I find out. I'm so keen to finish today and have my last chemo but if my blood count is low the hospital will delay for a week or two. To say I'm frustrated would be an understatement but my non chemo brain tells me that I will just have to be patient and accept a delay if that is what is required.

    When I was a new mum and my baby wouldn't sleep my Gina Ford book drove me to craziness. Sleep was scheduled at certain times, so too was feeding. A friends mum visited as I sat sobbing and gave me a hug and said that I may have read the book but my baby had not! Same for all this stuff. I may want my treatment to run on time but my body might have other ideas. I'm trying to be a little zen here...

    T. X

  • Thanks T.X. I really appreciate your response. I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one missing chemos. Did you end up getting your chemo? As for the oncologist......I am never totally comfortable talking to her. She doesn't have the best 'bedside manner". She often put a negative spin on things. I still think dropping from 16,000 to 23 is really big, and I won't let her take that away from me! Yes - being zen is important for sure. Kim xo

  • Morning Kim, the ladies on this site are great. Just remember their comments when you next meet up with your oncologist. I've gone from nodding acceptance of my doctors to looking my oncologist in the eye and telling her that my treatment seems very generic and one size fits all. My view point is that I want these people to see me as an individual not just through the Tumor microscope.

    Treatment delays are common but I had some luck yesterday. My blood count came back over the weekend and though borderline low they went ahead. So I had my last carboplatin and taxol mid afternoon. I'm so tired and queasy but I wanted to post on this site.

    Love., T. X

  • Hi Kim. First of all sending you a big hug, you sound in need of one. I've had 2 recurrences and delaying a chemo is quite common. I had this a few times, still here, currently NED so as you can see it didn't make a difference. I can totally relate to how you are feeling about chemo being your lifeline because I felt exactly the same but please don't worry delaying won't affect the outcome. Hopefully a week of rest and regrouping means that your chemo can go ahead next week. Kathy xxx

  • Hi Kathy Thanks for the hug. I really needed that! I'm happy to hear that missing a chemo didn't change the outcome for you and I will count on that for me as well. My body obviously needs the break. Hopefully back to chemo next week. Thanks for making me feel better. Kim xo

  • Sometimes onc say things flippantly and dontvrealise the devastation the comments can cause. What fantastic news to get your ca125 number down so dramatically. I know exactly where your coming from with delayed chemo I have a path that in treading and any deviation I see as a set back. I just want to get on and get it done. However when you step back and look at the bigger picture the chemo is making us well (in a weird way) and so if I have to have infusion etc to be able to continue that's what I must do. I try to find a positive in the darkest of times ... It may take me some time but I usually find one and move forward on my journey to beat this little sucker. Hope your bloods come back soon 😍😍

  • Hi Shellygirl Thank you for understanding how I feel. You sound a lot like me! Today I did step back and look at the big picture and I feel better. I'm generally pretty positive but it I definitely hard at times. Moving forward is our only option to beat this nasty sucker. A positive attitude is everything! Thanks again Kim xo

  • Your so right there are so many times I sit there and think why me... But then I ficus on beating OC and what u have to do to get to that goal I've read a positive attitude helps with survival rates so this is my aim to be positive on days when you feel like OC has kicked you in the teeth it's the hardest thing in the world. I am so glad I found ovacom the ladies here are wonderful. With stories just like your own. I recently had low magnesium thanks to advice I am now actively trying to raise my own levels trying to avoided the dreaded cannula... I've even got some magnesium body butter smother skin double whammy. The support is amazing and it's great to be able to get us through the darkest of times ... Hope your blood test gives you the green light.. I'm having mine today for magnesium levels body butter here I come 😂😂

  • Doctors can be absolute assholes, hugs to you

  • Hi Damelza. You are right - doctors can be absolute assholes!!!! Thanks for the hug! Kim xo

  • Hi Kim

    I can echo what everyone else has said.. It is very common to get bumped a week or two.. You have to be passed fit for chemo!

    As for your Onc ..well! Words fail me apart from some very choice and rather rude ones!!

    Xx Lyndall

  • Hi Lyndall Thanks for letting me know it is very common to get bumped. I feel so much better. Yes - I agree some choice rude words are in order for my oncologist. I'd like to see how she would handle being on the opposite side and being sick!!!! Much gentler I'm sure!! Kim xo

  • Sorry about not getting chemo and more sorry about that silly doctor, the 125 is more reliable when on treatment, the delay wont matter a lot. That doc sounded as if she was having a bad day and taking it out on people. Try and eat well and plenty of rest for the next week and you should be okay. I have been sent home too, it is dissapointing but its part of the course. Be kind to yourself and have a nice creamy cake to cheer yourself up, best wishes

  • Hi Suzuki Thanks for your support and advice. I am feeling much better about missing my chemo. I know I'm alone. I'm so thankful for this site. I read the postings every day. It's been a godsend! Yes - something sweet and yummy is in order!!! Kim xo

  • Good job i was'nt there with you i would have a few kind words for your doc.. how insentive.. what would they say if it was them.. sometimes wonder if any these doc's have a any compasion to what were going through great news your ca125 is low.. sending you big hugs xxxx stay strong were all here for you xxx

  • Hi Tracex Yes I agree - insensitive for sure!!! I often wonder if these doctors ever put themselves in our shoes, or are they just so use to dealing with this that they have lost their compassion and empathy? Thanks for the hugs and being there for me. Kim xo

  • Hello Kim,

    It's amazing to me that doctors can be so insensitive. Of course a drop like that in your CA 125 has to mean a great deal. I would think that with numbers that low you should be able to bounce back quickly from missing a week of chemo. I actually just missed two chemos and did go back up 6 pts., from 42-48, so I'm having to remind myself what a small amount that is and that the chemo has been very effective so far. Is there anything that can be done to boost your platelets, or does it just take time? Prayers for you. Linda

  • Kim-don't worry about the skip in chemo. It has happened to me twice so far. I just started yesterday my 4th cycle of carboplatin/taxol after a delay again. Remember, the lowest point of your blood counts come 21 days after your double chemo day.(nadir)

    33 is low for your platelets. My GYN OC wants it at least 100. your CA 125 is coming down a lot. this is good news as a marker for cancer. Keep eating healthy and rest. Keep us posted. when is your next blood draw?

    Warm wishes from the States, Carol

  • Oh I agree about the finger up to your onc,insensitive p..t!

    Of course it's a good thing,otherwise,why is it being measured?,you are having a good result and I'm sure all will continue next time,keep the faith and when you have your end of chemo scan, I'm sure all the little buggers will have gone!

    Keep your chin up and when you have your next consultation, imagine him in a mankini, (presume he's male?)

    Carole xxx

  • Sorry,just read she's a female,well she's just rude!


  • That did happen to me and the treatment was still successful. I know how hard it is to get knocked back by this but platelets can bounce back very quickly and my team say that a week doesn't make a difference. Try not to worry.

  • Hi Kim, I used to have low platelets and delays in treatment. I remember being disappointed. It was always a worry and annoyance. It was the carbo which contributed to my platelets being low. In the end, the platelets picked up to 90 and I could go ahead but seriously you will be ok and then you can continue with the Chemo again. Trust me you will be ok.



  • Kim, I have missed three lots of chemo due to low blood counts or infections. Please don't stress too much about it. If the doctors thought it was really necessary they would postpone rather than cancel your treatment.

    Sending you a hug.


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