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I have caught cold

Hi girls,need a good cold remedy,had the best day Saturday I went to brighton with my husband and sat on the beach with a glass of wine and watched the sun go down,but I have woke up this morning with a cold,need to get rid of it before chemo next week,would ring gp but to be fair you girl's are more clued up on what I can take then any gp plus your quicker with answers lol,iam not having so much fun this time round with chemo but iam over half way now with scan result next tuesday so fingers crossed,glad you are all hear loads hugs and love to you all yvonne x

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I don't have any cold remedies to hand just want to wish you better and hope it passes quickly

LA xx


I also have a cold, think I am beating it. I used a recipe of Pinterest which was ground ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and honey. Very yummy. Do't overdo on the cayenne.


All the way through I've sprinkled bee pollen on my cereal as it's supposed to be good for immune system and each week my bloods have been ok to continue. My whole family has had stinking colds for the last few weeks and bizarrely I have escaped it!! Hope you feel better x


HI. Glad you had a good day in Brighton (a lovely place). Anyway, I see that someone else has already mentioned ginger - well, I would try and have ginger tea with some lemon juice, I buy Twinings (well, why make it myself) and either add lemon juice and if I want to spoil myself, a little honey. I know that taking extra Vit C helps, so I up my oranges intake..eating them.

Hope it all clears up before you head in for next session.



My remedy is:

Good dose of Vit C.


Hot whiskeys with Lemon, Honey and Cloves (Once a day).

Shifts my colds fairly rapid.

Hope it helps and get well soon.



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I was just going to say, a hot whiskey, olbas oil to free the sinuses or sinus wash such as Neil Med. Hope you feel better soon


Thankyou girl's for all your help x


Anyone who finds an effective cold remedy will be a millionaire. Time is the main healer but research on vitamin C and Echinacea was quite good, only with the latter you need the drops which are stronger. Otherwise anything else that boosts your immune system is best, including some gentle exercise.


Oh yes, I'd forgotten about Echinacea. As well as the Vicks First Defence I get Potters Echinacea. It's around £10 a bottle in Boots but is amazing. I think there are different types either as a preventative measure or to try and combat an existing cold. I think you have to be careful with chemo - something to do with the white blood cell count but the chemist would have advice. It's pretty powerful stuff! Yvonne - can you see this message? Not sure how these messages work! Jane x


Hi Yvonne. My Mum has been having chemo for Ovarian cancer. She lives over 200 miles away and I go down to see her every month. I'm paranoid about catching a cold as I know I'd have to cancel seeing her. I discovered this Vicks stuff in Boots called First Defence. It's in a little brown bottle with a blue label and is around £7.99. I keep it in my handbag and if I feel cold symptoms starting I start using it and a cold has never come out. It's amazing stuff. But I think it's more of a preventative thing than a cure so not sure if it would be any use for you now that the cold has come out. But I would recommend keeping some in your handbag. I bought some for Mum too.

Best wishes. Jane x


We've been converted to First Defence too. If you use it as soon as you think a cold's coming, it does seem to work.


In relation to Echinacea. On the back of the label not to take with immune suppresants (i guess chemo is), i phoned up the co and they don't advise taking whilst having chemo. Everything else indicates that it is good with chemo, so don't know what to think for the best.


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