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I have a temperature today

On Friday I had chemo, with Topotecan, Still waiting to hear whether I can have Avastin. Yesterday I felt great, but today I'm cold and shivery and ache all over. Temperature has gone up to 38 C. I'll keep an eye on it, and if still at 38 tomorrow I'll go back to the chemo unit. I feel so miserable and the only thing I can do is huddle the hot water bottle and cheer my body on, to react, fight back.


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HI Francesca, sorry you're not feeling well, hopefully its just one of those 24 hour bugs or the start of a cold. Have lots of hot drinks. get plenty of rest and I hope you feel better soon. I am cheering your body on for you too!

Love Brenda X


Hi Francesca,

I am sorry you are not feeling well ... sending you best wishes love x G x


Hi Francesca,

the information I was given was that if temp rose to 37.5 I had to contact my chemo unit for advice. This can sometimes be caused by infection. In my case I had a urine infection that apart from the temp I wasn't aware of. It's only a phone call and there is usually a member of the staff carry the chemo pager.

Hope you are feeling better

Chris x


I,m really sorry you feel so horrid. Im permanently cold while im having chemo but you sound even more cold. Why dont you get in touch with your team and see if you can get some antibiotics to help you, 38 is rather high temp. love Margaret xxxx


Hi, I was also told if my temp went over 37.5 to call the onc 24 hr helpline, as this could be an infection. Hope you feel better soon



Hi Francesca

Hope your temperature has dropped and that you are feeling a bit better. Are you able to manage to drink lots?

Take care, Monique x


Dear Francesca

I'm sorry you're poorly. I'm hoping you might feel better today - though it does take longer while you're on chemotherapy as your blood corpuscles are under an onslaught. Better I guess to have cold-type symptoms at the beginning of the cycle while they're at their strongest.

Lots of hot lemon and honey, and keep as warm as you can. A virtual hug is coming your way. xxxx love Annie


Take care of yourself, it does sound like it could be an infection so hope you have taken above advice or planning to today and call the hospital. No messing about, you are vulnerable right now!

Big hugs from me too


Sue xxx


Hi Francesca, sorry to hear your not feeling well, I was told if my temperature went above 38 to ring chemo ward, last time had a urine infection and they sorted it out with anti biopics, so I would contact your chemo ward or unit. Look after yourself love nikki xx


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