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Chemo and a cold

Hi guys I need some advice please. I figured you guys are the best people to ask :)

I'm on chemo, I came down with an ear infection and the doctor gave me an ear spray to treat it. Today though my voice is going and my nose is running so I think I may have a cold. Would it go away on its own or would it be best to go and get it sorted out by a doctor. With Christmas in like 2 days I wanted to get it sorted before everything closes. If anyone has any advice I would be very appreciated

Leianne xx

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Hi Luv,

I was lucky with my doctor in that they gave me anti biotics just in case,if I were you I would pull the cancer card and get prescribed some in case things turn nasty over Christmas.

On chemo your immune system is not so good and you should be given anti bs because it may affect your ability to get your next chemo,

Best wishes,

Carole xxx


Hi. I woulg urge you to try get some antibiotics. Same thing happened to me and they admitted me to observe temp it was a bore but better safe than sorry .hope all goes well

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Hi Leianne, hope you were able to get some anti-biotic. I had a little cough on Mon now it's a full blown chesty cough. I never thought of anti-biotic but with having lots of chemo & oc I should of. Take care Cindyxx

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Hi they just told me to keep an eye on it and if my temperature starts going up ring them back xx


Hi Leianne, sounds like good advice. We have to be extra careful we don't have such good immune systems.

I am in bed resting because I want to enjoy Xmas day with my family.

Wishing you all the best Cindyxx


Hi leianne, Can't hurt to get some meds to be on the safe side. Hope you feel much better soon, you may need to be a little patient as your immune system is shot so it could take a little longer than usual to recover.

Have a lovely Christmas ❤xx🎄Jane

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I disagree ... unnecessary antibiotics can cause problems and will NOT help a virus. As an advice RN (with cancer) best to talk with your oncologist.


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