Stinking cold

Well im off to doctors this morning got a stinking cold can you believe its taken a week to get in... you name it ive taken it but im thinking antibotics is the only thing thats going to move it ive done well thou aven't had a cold since week i started my chemo last may want to get it sorted has got to have bloods done next week hope all you ladies are feeling ok love to you all xxx

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  • Hope you are soon feeling better,seems to be a lot of colds around at moment I myself have had the cold from hell for the last fortnight and I still feel like rubbish, so very tiring.Gp said no antibiotics for virus,they dont seem to like to give them nowadays,still I hope you get sorted and good luck with upcoming check up. x

  • Hope you feel better soon, xx

  • Hope you are feeling better Tracex!!


  • Thanx bein to doctors says chest is clear so im pleased bout that.....would not give me antibotics thou which isn"t a surprise.... said ive got a cold but i think with what we've bein through and how chemo wrecks your immune system we worry bout our bodies and getting any sort of infections xxx

  • Had a chest infection for two weeks been on antibiotics now I have not been able to hear as ears are blocked I do wear a hearing aid but is no use as my ears have to have olive oil in then have to wait till next Monday for wash out and tomorrow is results from scan feeling fed up not being able to hear but onwards and upwards

  • Gosh your going through it at moment sweet.. im also waiting for results of scan but have to wait till 27th... well doctor said today mine only a cold wud'nt give me antibotics but wasn"t surprised at that they dont like to give them out now hope you get sorted let me no how you get on with results from scan think positive all we can do xxx

  • Thanks hope you get rid of cold soon

  • Hope you get rid of it soon x

  • Maybe try Neil Med rinses as that will help clear the sinuses. If you are on Avastin that does make colds seem worse. The rinses and bottle can be bought in Boots or any chemist

  • I cannot recommend Neil med enough either. Has really helped the mucky nose avastin gives me. I think it's reduced my hayfever too and that's a real benefit with no nasal hair.

  • The sun has finally come out and I've got a cold too! Honestly. sending lots of positive thoughts your way aswell.

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