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Bone marrow transplant

Hi I have son who's 10 years old

He has had thalasemia major where his body don't make blood and he has to have regular blood transfusions . We have blood every 4 weeks and has a check 2 days before having blood of how much hemo globian level it is to give blood. Over the 10 years he has had other health problems such as eczema and asthma and addison disease where he has hydrocortisone tablets for his Addison disease. Recently the doctor at Manchester children's hospital has said he has high iron overload and he needs to have a bone marrow operation to survive in long term

My son has had a scan and they said he has abnormal veiens now we been Told by the nurse who scanned him that he can't have a Hickman line in them veins as one is clotted and other are abnormal but the doctor is still pushing us to have the bone marrow were a bit scared as his veins are abnormal and the doctors are rushing us to have a bone marrow . Our other problem is my son has too many allergys like milk eggs soya kewi fruit laytex as his eyes swell up and has a epaleptic reaction he then has epipen to get under control

Plus my son has penicillin allergy he's always had clithromycin or erythromycin but they sometimes worked and most times didn't

Could anyone tell us if they can't find the veins for the Hickman line then is it safe for us to have the operation

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I am afraid you will not be able to get advice from us, as we are a forum for women with ovarian cancer.

I think you need to find another community within Healthunlocked to ask your question.

Thinking of you and your son and hoping you get some answers.

Best wishes.


Unfortunately, although it was some effort to come on and write a post, you are on the forum for Ovarian Cancer which is not connected to your sons illness. Check again and google and hopefully you will get on to a site for blood related illnesses, wishing you and your son the best outcome


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