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Met with my oncologist for the first time yesterday !! what lovely man , also met my nurse too....They are very confident all the cancer has gone from the surgery, as scan is now clear and CA125 is now 20 from 207!!! The cancer I had was an endometrial one.....Stage 1c..... I am so lucky my cyst contorted around my ovary to give me so much pain as I had no idea of the symptoms of ovarian cancer, so now its my mission to share awareness of this!!

Going forward I am to have 6 doses of chemotherapy over 18 weeks just to "mop up" and make sure no microscopic cells have travelled, and there should be no hair loss!! ....Honestly I came out in tears, happy tears that soon this could all be over

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  • Really really thrilled for you.Chris

  • What fab news, good luck with your chemo. If you DO get any side effects then remember to tell your team as they will change your meds!

    Such good news xx


  • Wonderful news. So pleased for you🤗🤗😘

  • Excellent news!! So glad you caught it early and having a great outcome.

    Xx Carol

  • Fantastic news so pleased they caught early . Hope your chemo goes smoothly. Love and best wishes Kim X

  • Lisald, I am THRILLED for you!!!!! Please help spread awareness so other women, their friends and loved ones can be spared the heartbreak and misery of this hideous disease!!!

  • yes started already and my daughter is running a 5k to raise awareness, I'm on a mission xx

  • Fabulous- so very pleased! Very best wishes xx

  • Ah lovely! Am sure you'll find the chemo doable and then relish the joys that life can bring! Xx

  • That's really great news! You must be feeling really grateful to your surgical team.

  • very grateful, everyone has been amazing xxx and the oncologist i met yesterday was lovely, they are so good at their jobs xx

  • Wonderful,I was Ic too,had chemo for 6 months and am still here after 2 1/2 years,so all to look forward to😀👍xxx

  • HI Lisaid, that's brilliant news & the part where your mission is to share awareness of oc is great as well. The more woman that are aware of this cancer the less woman will suffer. I keep little awareness cards in my hand bag & give them a way all the time. If it saves one life from oc it is worth giving them out. Good luck take care Cindyxx

  • Fantastic news Lisald........sounds similar to me. I am stage 1c2, did 6 cycles of carboplatin and am currently NED. The chemo was not too bad, I just found from the 4th cycle I was totally exhausted for a few days and luckily no sickness. Good luck! x

  • Fabulous news Lisald. Your story is very similar to mine - I had full surgery hopefully catching everything, then diagnosed stage 1c3 clear cell, advised to have mopping up chemo, went to Christies for the chemo, my taxol being weekly and carbo every 3 weeks, CT scans before and at the end of chemo to confirm I am NED and now over 2 years in remission. There are side effects with the chemo, keep your team in the loop and they'll amend your meds to help with them. You're nearly there now, well done you, lots of encouraging hugs ❤️Xx Jane

  • Thanks for sharing your good news and great positivity. Delighted for you. Hope chemo goes well. Good advice from other lovely ladies. Best wishes Jo 🌺🌼🌸🌹🌷

  • Excellent news, congratulations! I was in a similar situation back in November. Just finished chemo in March. If you are concerned about hair loss, consider using cold caps. They worked great for me!

  • Hi Lisald we share the same diagnosis 1c2 endometroid. There are not many with that diagnosis so I thought I would touch base. I am really happy for you that the waiting is over and a plan is in place. I finished carboplatin only chemo last October and within 6 weeks felt 99%recovered. It was very doable. My advise is do everything you can to be as well as possible ,physically and mentally before and during chemo.This might mean saying no to invites as you may be exposed to bugs. Eating healthily ...sleeping sufficiently..avoiding people who stress you. Its important to become conscious of whats going on in your body as you ajust to chemo...It's a time when you must put yourself first..and when you are the otherside of chemo you will be in good shape for taking care of a lot of people do on this forum .I wish you the best

  • oh wow Hunny, thank you for sharing, yes i think its only 5-10% with this diagnosis....I will take all this on board ...Thankyou, its all a bit scary xxx

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