Chesty cough

Just a quick question, had TAH July 13 diagnosed with borderline stage 2c, have any ladies since surgery found they struggle to get rid of chesty and persistent coughs and colds, had it 9 weeks now, just as think it's getting better it starts again and oh boy it's playing havoc with the bladder. Did get antibiotics after 3 weeks hardly touched it so Dr recommended letting it run its course. Thanks x

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  • Yes I have the same problem. Had x rays etc but the only thing that shifts it for me is steroids. Was very wary of taking them but the course shifted it - apparently they open up the small passages in lungs. I actually felt relief within couple hrs. X get well soon

    Ps coughs play havoc with bladder. Never thought I would have to buy Tena by I just laugh about them now. 'Just in case' is what I call them :)

  • Think I will get back to Drs if can get appointment this week, did wonder if should ask CNS but feel silly about a cough. Tenna lady are a life saver at mo lol xx

  • Hi all, Ladyone1 I went through surgery and have been getting some very irritating coughs that do not go away, especially at night. Must mention this to the doc on my next visit.

  • Immune system has been seriously compromised with major surgery and chemotherapy,

    Oncology Team should Ct Scan you and eliminate Pleural effusion fluid in Lungs as changes can occur post op. You have to be your own advocacy, take control of treatment and investigations. GP can send you for Chest XR. and the practice Nurse could prescribe inhalers. Hope this has been helpful, have a blessed 2015 hope you are beginning to feel better.

  • Hi never had chemo as my diagnose was borderline stage 2c. Thanks for reply x

  • Yer I am with you,I had my surgery last April had coughs and colds ever since,and it got worse when I started the avastin I have taken every to get did of it,anyway just be for Christmas my doctor suggested I stop taking anything and use a Vicks stick to unblock my nose and deep breathing to clear my chest,I can't believe how much it has helped

  • Hi, How about trying a salt pipe, I suffer with sinus problems and chesty coughs and have found it very helpful. You breath it in morning and night, it makes you cough and remove the junk. It is helpful for all chest complaints, I read about it in the Yours Magazine. It works very well if you use it properly. Trix

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