Help........ A cough and an abdominal drain tomorrow?

My drain has been arranged for tomorrow morning, and I have had a cold this week, and left with an infernal cough. What chance of the drain being done?? I though it had cleared up yesterday, but today it is worse than ever.... I don't know whether things are the cold, the fluid or the chemo.......

Here's hoping they don't put it off, I am so uncomfortable with the swelling, even if they put the drain in until I have a coughing fit it will get a bit of relief..... Let you know how it goes.

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  • Sending love to you and hope you get some relief tomorrow. Let us know how you get on Viv. xxx Annie

  • As Annie said, I too send you love and good wishes ..thinking of you x G x :-)

  • Viv

    Sending you a big cyber hug for tomorrow. Fingers crossed you will feel alot more comfortable when all that fluid is drained off your poor little abdomen.

    Charlie XXX

  • Dear Viv

    I think they will go ahead with the drain even if you have a cold/cough. I went in for a drain last week. Long story.. it didn't happen/didnt need it. But there was no discussion about my general health although they did take a blood sample. That might reveal signs of an infection I suppose but they might just give you antibiotics as well and get on with it.

    I have had it done before and maybe you have too. Its not pleasant but it is a great relief to get rid of the fluid. I really hope you get it over with in the next few days. Thinking of you



  • Dear Viv

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping that you will soon feel more comfortable with or without the drainxx

    Love Suex

  • Hi. Just wanted to send you my best wishes and hugs.

    Love suzanne. X x

  • Hi will be thinking of you and sending good thoughts for your drain. Keep swimming around.

    Lucy x

  • Hi Viv

    Thinking of you today and hope all goes well, love x G x :-)

  • Hello VIv

    Thinking of you today and hoping things go as well as possible.



  • Hi, best wishes for today, hope all goes well for you.

    Love George x

  • Dear Viv

    Hope it goes[ or has gone] well and you get some relief.


    Anne x

  • Thanks everyone.... It did go ahead and 7 litres later I feel better. Didn't cough until his afternoon, checked it out with tthe doc on discharge and she couldn't hear anything untoward in my chest. Feels now the lungs can expand i will be able to get rid of everything.

    Heres hoping. Just got to find out if I've got any chemo symptoms now!

    Love n hugs to yo all


  • So glad you are feeling better today Viv. Good luck and lots of gentle hugs and love.


  • glad they did the drain Viv.7 litres is such a lot, I bet you feel much better.



  • Very glad to hear that you have got that over with. 7 litres is a lot to be carrying around with you. Onwards and upwards....

  • So glad your drain went smoothly. 7 litres! what a relief that must be. Surely the cough was connected. Hope all goes well now for you.

    Very best wishes xx

  • great news plesed for you.unax.

  • Hello Viv

    I thought that chemo got rid of the fuid, but realise after reading your posting that this cannot be the case. Am interested as I am at the point of feeling regular discomfort with expanding stomach, similar to last year before I had a drain, then first line chemo. Had CT scan last Friday and see onc a week on Wed, so hope it does not get too bad until then, and assume I will then go onto second line chemo. In my dreams I would love the onc to say I have just put on too much weight! but of course reality has to kick in!

    Seven litres sounds an awful lot and it must have been really uncomfortable for you. Best wishes for rest of treatment.


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