Paranoid about Grandsons cough/cold!!

Hi ladies,

I am due to have debulking surgery on the 22nd of this month. Have just spent a lovely weekend with my Grandson who unfortunately has the dreaded cough/cold bug which is doing the rounds..

if I pick this up , will they still go ahead with the surgery do you think ?

I know I sound paranoid, but as all that have undergone this op, desperately want it to go ahead !!!! Has anyone had this procedure with a cold ??

I would appreciate your advice , comments on this please.. needless to say have valued the wonderful time with my family 😁🍾🎉...

Lots of love ❤️ Jackie

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  • You will go in for a pre op check that's what I got one week before surgery to check you over xx

  • Hiya.. many thanks for this , I have already had this pre op examination 2 weeks ago believe it or not !!! Weird !!! Can't understand it really as it was a bit premature if you ask me !

    Much love ❤️ xx Jackie

  • Hi Jackie, I had a really bad cold the week before my op and still had it on the day of my op, but it went ahead anyway. I must admit I didn't draw the nurses attention to it on the morning of admittance so I think if you haven't got a high temperature or chest infection you will be ok.

    You could try vitamin c with zinc from Holland and Barrett, we find these really good for fighting off cold germs.

    My best wishes

    Lynda x🌷X

  • Thanks Lynda '

    That's given me a lift!! 🤗.. oh well If I do get one, I'll not worry all week now!

    I'll visit Holland and Barrett first thing tomorrow.

    Thanks for your advice , I'll let you know how it goes !

    Love ❤️ Jackie xx

  • I think as long as your temp is ok, your chest is clear you should be alright but you should have a pre op before surgery xx

  • Thanks for the reply, mmm, perhaps they'll give me a quick once over before they start the process!

    I'll keep you updated !

    Much love ❤️ xxx Jackie

  • Take care wishing you then very best xx

  • Hi. I asked the question of what happened if I got a cold on surgery day as we were in cold season. I was told that they would see how I was overall and decide on the day. They will need to consider the effect on the lungs - the anaesthetic is the reason, though I can't remember the exact explanation. So if you do happen to get a cold just be honest with them. If they stopped the op it would be for a very good reason, though unlikely.

  • Absolutely!

    After all, your life is in their hands!... I'll keep you posted, and many thanks for the comments.

    Much ❤️ love xxx

  • Just thought I would mention Jackie, I did have my temperature and blood pressure checked on the morning of my op, and I also had my pre op check up two weeks before the operation,I think this is the normal procedure for the check up.



  • Thanks Lynda,

    Such a relief to know that we have each other on here to share our experiences!

    Have a lovely day!🌺

    Much love ❤️ Jackie xx

  • Please tell the medics as anaesthetic is a big deal!

    Take care and good luck with surgery xxxx

  • Hiya,

    Yes of course, wouldn't want yo risk anything! Just hoping I have enough antibodies to fight any bugs that have been floating around!

    Love ❤️ Jackie xx

  • Hi Jackie, I was paranoid I was coming down with a cold before my last surgery and was told until they usually go ahead unless you're really ill. I think they also take your general health, age etc in to consideration. I made sure to eat really well before hand. If you are worried , maybe, call your GP for reassurance. Hope it all goes well on the 22. Best wishes, Sarah X

  • Hi Jackie, I too had a cold at my pre-op which was tailing off on the day of my surgery. I did admit to the nurse at the pre-op that I had the "sniffles" as there was no disguising my nasal speech 😂. However, she said that as long as I didn't have a temperature and my chest was clear it would be ok. Op went ahead as scheduled so please don't worry too much.

    I hope your op goes well and you have a speedy recovery ❤️.

    Lynne 💞

  • Thankyou so much for these responses! I am now far less worried 😁🤗🎉.. I will kee you updated on events , hopefully next time to let you know that I've actually had the op !

    Much love ❤️ Jackie xx

  • I had a bit of a cold when I had mine. The anaesthetist came to check me over as I did let the nurses know. My temp was on and chest was clear so he was happy to go ahead. He did warn me that my throat would hurt more afterwards and to be very careful when coughing after the op. They also kept an eye on chest for the five days I was in hospital. X

  • Many thanks ...

    I'm now much more relaxed about the cold issue!

    I'll keep you updated .,

    Love ❤️ Jackie xx

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