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I am platinum resistent after 3 doses of carboplatin and now had 2nd round of caelyx will have ct scan after next round in 2 weeks,

Just wonder if there are other options if this does not work. I am worried as my onc told me caelyx has a 20% chance of working but didnt mention a plan B. When oc recurred in January with pelvic mass, liver and lung lesions Carbo was offered as second line because I had had 6 years remission with it as first line so tried it again but after 3 found although pelvic mass shrank liver had not so I could wait for symtoms or try caelyx, anyone been through this. Thanks in advance for your replies xxxx

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Hi, platinum resistance is common but there are options....caelyx is quite a popular choice but it does take time to take effect so its worth pursuing this to the end. Other options and one which I tend to suggest is the Rotterdam but it really needs to be done early rather than later on the chemo journey as it is quite gruelling. Failing that then weekly taxol or Gemcitibine. The platinum resistance will fade over time, about a year, so carboplatin may be reconsidered at a later date. Xx paul


Thanks Paul, feel better now! I know caelyx is slow to take effect therefore worried what next scan will show! I was origally diagnosed 1c in 2007 and was offered carbo on 7 year clinical at weston park. They then discovered on examining closer it was stage 3 with minute cells round abdomen. Recurrence is more scary isnt it? Will just keep enjoying life and as soon as treatment ends will book a nice holiday fir my husbsnd and I. Thanks again, Carole x


Hi Charlee.... Have you googled about the possible effects of cranberry juice on platinum resistant OC? My once said it won't do any harm and so I'm drinking half a pint a day! R x


Hi Carole

My wife Angie faced a similar problem last year, although in her case on her first line treatment. She is also under Weston Park and was initially given 3 cycles of carboplatin as a single agent. The mid way scan showed a mixed response. Some tumours had reduced (even disappeared) but others like on the surface of the liver and spleen had continued to grow. She went ahead with surgery at that point as she was so uncomfortable and the various tumours they removed were huge. Unfortunately, they were not able to get everything and significantly the ones which were left behind were the ones that had continued to grow through chemo. She was soon started on Caelyx which as has been said takes a while to get going. Fortunately, after 3 cycles the scan showed the tumours had reduced by more than 30%. By the end of the course of 6, the end scan showed another reduction again by more than 30 %. That was back in October last year and Angie has felt really well since then despite the risidual disease. While she is now facing a recurrence, the plan is for another try with Caelyx as it was pretty effective...I hope the same is true for you.

Andy x

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Thanks for the reply Andy. Makes me feel hopful. Been a rollercoaster since january, my December visit to Jessops I was told Iat my yearly check up I would be discharged when 7 year trial ended next year, to then find in January pelvic mass, liver and lung lesions!! Just hoping tha caelyx works and looking forward to getting on with my life! I know it may recur and its not a cure but just hope it will be manageable. Hope all goes well for your wife, we are not alone! I think it is really hard for husbands too to have to watch helplessly! Carole x


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