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Was given Caelyx yesterday with Carboplatin for chemo 4 First line as had allergic reaction to Pacliataxol. Had just carbo chemo 3 and new ONC tried to talk me into just having Carbo but felt cheated as not getting 2 chemos as I am able to tolerate 2. Previous ONC suggested Caelyx so I pushed for it.

Has anyone else had Caelyx for First Line or have any comments would be appreciated, many thanks have a great Weekend all x.

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I am on Caelyx and carboplatin for my third line had the 5th on Tuesday usual side effects tired joints sore and feeling pretty sick but I think I tolerate it ok, sure carboplatin on its own will do the job well without so many side effects, thinking of you and sending love Jenny xxx

Do you get Ondansatron anti sickness to take home, they say its the best antisickness, your GP should be able to supply it as no=one should suffer sickness I dont think xx

Yes I a m on them already 4 a day it's the horrid taste in my mouth and constipation that gets me down that and the heartburn, right old moaner today sorry feeling pretty low at moment it can be pretty depressing but I know when treatment finished one more to go and I will be fine again and hopefully in remission thank you for your concern we must stick together I know I am not alone in all this. Love and hugs Jenny xxx

No need to apologise ever on here. Oops I was wandering why I had constipation I'm in for a rough ride I think next few days, its not the consipation so much its the aftermath and the feeling a freight train has just passed through my body and 15 minutes later there's another one and another its like rush hour, I end up crying between the bathroom and the bedroom my husband gets really worried, I just say look its helps to vocalise the discomfort then I take immodium and the vicious cycle stats again. Well OK I'm exaggerating a bit as not like it all the time but its not nice I frighten the cat he hates it. Love and hugs to you too xxx

suzuki in reply to kazrazmataz

The constipation we suffer from chemo is dreadful. I feel so horrible. But my next door neighbour pointed out to me stressing about it made it worse so think what goes in must come out sometime. I find peppermint tea and if you eat a kiwi half an hour before food, you do get relief besides using the Senoket or Ducolax. The thing is to balance your fibre intake, more when constipated and less when the other way. A little gentle walk also helps the system and of course we are supposed to drink plenty of water but do we? I dont. I am on Avastin and it can go either way for me at times. I also use milled flaxseed which is better for you than linseed as its thinner and doesnt get stuck in the gut. Sending you best wishes

Hi Jenny. Sorry your feeling low today with your treatment. You are nearly there so hang on in there. You Weill feel better soon. Tasks caste. As nn Xo #warriors

I was diagonised in 2009 and started carbo and taxol in January 2010. Had an allergic reaction to the taxol and refused to have anymore, although I understand that they could have tried to give me the taxol again with extra steroids given the day before chemo. Since I was adamant that I did not want the taxol, I have had two relapses but only ever had Carboplatin for second and third line chemotherapy. I hope this helps but at the end of the day I really admire you as you have gone with your gut and asked for the Caelyx. I wish you all the very best with your treatment, I use Movicol for constipation if that helps, and vary between one and two sachets a day to keep everything on the move.

Love Wendy x

kazrazmataz in reply to HumbleD

Many thanks they did not offer me the Taxol again but I have read they can give more steroids and increase the infusion time. I find it strange they have different opinions in different hospitals!

kazrazmataz in reply to HumbleD

Thanks Wendy, will try Movicol x

I had carboplatin as a single agent for my first line chemo under the advice of my NHS oncologist (I could have pushed for Taxol and Carboplatin but didn't). When my cancer returned after 10 months I had further surgery and then started Carbo/Taxol but after two sessions I couldn't tolerate the Taxol (severe neuropathy) so changed to Carbo/Caelyx for last four sessions.

I always wonder whether I would have had a longer remission if I had pushed for the additional chemo in my first treatment but who really knows - we all respond differently.

Sorry probably not much help to you but I wish you all the best with your treatment.



I think the worst is not knowing if we are getting the best treatment to suit us as we are all different. Did you have a good result with the Caelyx yourself, hope you are doing ok now xx

Yes I had a good response to Caelyx. My cancer did come back again eventually (click on my profile to see my full history) but I had a good 10 months before it did. I am now on a phase one trial trying two drugs together (a parp inhibitor and an AKT inhibitor) for my recent cancer recurrence. It is going very well so far with barely any side effects - just tablets I take every day. I will have a scan and CA125 blood test in a couple of weeks' time so will know more whether it is working or not. I will stay on the drug as long as it is either reducing my cancer or keeping it stable. My last scan, after 9 weeks on the trial showed slightly reduced disease and substantially reduced CA125 so I am very pleased and grateful to be on the trial.

Hi Sharon. Have just read your nprofole. Boy have you had a time of it. Keep up the fight. #warriors. Ann xo

I had carboplatin with gemcitabine and avastin for recurrence - did they not discuss that ? Is caelyx better ?

No not mentioned the other two but next appointment I will ask.

I am due to start Caelyx with Carbo after having just one dose of Taxel and dreadful reactions so plse keep me posted on your side effects. A friend in the trade told me to take high doses of Vit B6 and Vit E to counter the side effects, also to be v well hydrated.

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