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Best moisturiser for carbo/caelyx

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Hi there. After almost 2 years since the end of my front line chemo I am about to start chemo again, this time with carboplatin and caelyx. The cancer has spread into my liver and into another few areas in my abdomen. I have read on here that people often suffer with skin problems with caelyx. Can anyone recommend a good moisturiser that I can but before I start chemo next week. Many thanks Sian x

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Zerobase is very good and available on prescription

Good luck with treatment fingers crossed for a long remission

LA xx

Thank you Lily Anne

Siam, I Finished caelyx in combo with Carboplatin in Sept 2017 and I had very few side effects and the the regime put me into remission. IMY last scan did show a minimal increase in the size of 2vlymph nodes but I am still stable and not needing any treatment at the moment. I hope the treatment is as successful for you with minimal side effects. Chris

That is really reassuring. Thank you so much. I was so nervous when I knew there was liver involvement.

Hi Sian , I used Aveeno and only had minor flaking .I hope the regime works for you and you get remission again . Julia x

Thank you Jules. I'll get some.

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The dermatologist I saw last week said Aveeno was excellent but I haven't tried it yet.

Acqueous cream is good. At the moment, I have lymphodema and using a polish cream or lotion which I can get here it is called Oliva and it does soften the skin, otherwise Aveeno is also good

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Welshandproud in reply to suzuki

Thank you suzuki. I hope the lymphodema improves soon xx

I was always given Diprobase on prescription. I slapped it on every day and never had any problems. I would also recommend using toothpaste without SLS to prevent mouth ulcers and if they occur I was given Raspberry Mucilage also on prescription which really worked well. Good Lyck

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Welshandproud in reply to Carpag

Thank you carpagain. I'll ask for diprobase. Could you tell me what sls is please? Sorry I'm feeling a bit thick today xxxx

I was recommended Aveeno which I use on my skin from a fellow sufferer use all the different shower gels creams and moisturizers.

Brilliant. That sounds good. I'm off to Boots later xxx

Dear Sian

I am sorry you find yourself in this situation, but I was very similar as you know and Carbocaelyx worked well for me except I was sick after the first session as I think I was symptomatic at that stage. Make sure our oncologist prescribes E-Mend which works well for nausea. It is a tough regime on the bloods so make sure you eat really well and papaya tea/papaya fruit/papaya supplements may help (from Amazon) as well as lots of fruit, colourful veg, garlic, mushrooms, herbal teas etc. I used Aveeno and some natural body oil. Keep your hands particularly well moisturised especially on the backs. I had the odd bit of rash but hardly any bother.

In general it is much easier than CarbotaxoI and I lost no hair at all. All best wishes, you will sail through it. Sophia xx

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Welshandproud in reply to SCWI

Thank you so much for that Sophia. That really helps. I will ask for the E-mend when I see them next week. Thank you too for the advice on the diet. I will stock up on the good stuff. I am also pleased that you found this regime easier than the carbotaxol. I was on weekly humour last week so this is going to be very different. Do you remember how the after effects hit you after the chemo? Did you have a good week then a bad one or was it pretty similar throughout? I hope you don't mind me asking. Thanks. Sianxx

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SCWI in reply to Welshandproud

Hi Sian

I guess I was luckier than some of the ladies on here regarding skin side effects. I was able to have baths, not too hot, do ironing and washing up with rubber gloves, all of which she told me not to do!😉

I was fine for a couple of days after chemo and then felt a bit rubbish and had to take it a bit easier the 3rd/4th/5th days and then started to feel better gradually until I felt fine after a couple of weeks. I was able to do my yoga and Pilates classes as normal, and go for walks, but didn’t feel like jumping on a train anywhere or what I call big days out. Supermarket shopping was fine and gentle day trips and weekends fine, you just have to time them right. Mind you my treatment was often postponed for a week due to low bloods so I had lots of recovery time. Played havoc with my diary though.

Hope all goes well for you. Xx

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Welshandproud in reply to SCWI

Thank you for that. That'sounds very helpful. Good news too about your ability to do more than the team suggested. That really gives me hope. Many thanks Sian xx

I have recently started using a zinc oxide cream called Penaten. The zinc apparently seeps into your skin. I also have been using ice on my feet and hands during infusions. I believe it worked for me as I did not use it the last time and the Caelyx affected my feet badly. This site may help with some information about Caelyx (they call it Doxil in the States). I was also given a MUGA test prior to receiving Caelyx to check my heart.

Thank you for that. I'll have a good look at the article. I hope I'm brave enough to put ice on hands and feet. Well done you for doing that. It certainly sounds worthwhile x

Aveeno -blue cap one is best. You can get it on prescription. Avoid aqueous cream , it contains alcohol and dries skin. I watched an awful documentary on it a few years back. Left a child's skin in a terrible state. NHS should stop prescribiting it.

Thank you. I'very bought some blue top. I had no idea that aqueous cream could be so nasty.

I’m using Shea butter after a Sanex moisturising shower gel . I should have been going this for years I now realise, my skin is feeling a lot better than it ever has. Good luck

Alex x

Thank you Alex. Sounds good xx

Hi, i managed quite well on that regime. Was able to work in between cycles only having few days off after chemo. I was lucky with skin issues. Did get dry itchy skin sometimes and burning feet, someone on here recommended Udder Cream (yes you read right)!! And it’s fab stuff, so much so friends of mine who haven’t had chemo are asking me to order them some!

It’s from amazon not sure if you can get anywhere else.


Thank you. Sounds udderly amazing lol

Hi huni, just wondering how your doing on Caylex? I’m on cisplatin 5 to go xx

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