Tandem skydive

Tandem skydive

Hello Ladies

I don't post very often all though I do read them & reply sometimes. I'm not too good with words & don't feel experienced or as knowledgable as most of you to pass on advice. I was diagnosed 5yrs ago with stage 1c OC when I was 49yrs old. I had a full hysterectomy & 6 cycles of chemo & was very lucky to make a good recovery from both..no complications & no recurrence. To celebrate my 5yrs I'm doing a tandem skydive for an ovarian cancer charity next month...as you do! Haha. It's something I would never have done when I was younger as I'm terrified of heights. I just feel very lucky to have come through this journey a stronger more positive person..& when I read some of the posts on here I realise just how lucky I've been. Lets hope my luck holds out on the 20th July!!. This is for you girls!!!! Love Sharon xxx

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  • That's a great way to celebrate your 5th anniversary Sharon. Best of luck. Do post again after you've done it.

    You are actually very good with words!!!

    Love Mary xx

  • That's awesome! Good luck for 20 July. Please let us know where we can read more about this amazing adventure. I think you're very brave.

    I hope you never think you shouldn't post here. I'm really pleased you've shared your sky-diving plans. You can't go back on them now!!! lol xxx love Annie

  • Thank you for your kind words & encouragement ladies. I will indeed post again when I've done the skydive & put a photo on to prove I did it!! Haha. I have occasionally posted & added my twopenneth worth of advice if I thought it was relevant but my experience was relatively straight forward compared to some of the stories I've read. I've got an oncology appointment today..just routine. He may tell me I'm free to go..so to speak! I don't really know how I'll feel about that! Anyway..thank you again ladies..& look out for the photos! Best wishes..Sharon xxx

  • The sky dive sounds brilliant. Well done on raising money in this way. I look forward to seeing the photo.


    Zannah x

  • Aww thank you Gwyn..it's actually the 20th July though..so it's 6weeks on Sunday. I'm nervously excited about it..can't wait to just do it! I'm terrified of heights..but nothing is as scary as a cancer diagnosis & I survived that so what's to be scared of..haha. I'm told its a fabulous experience & if I can raise money for a very worthy cause at the same time it's a win win situation. I'll post some photos of my once in a lifetime crazy stunt..& maybe it will encourage more women to take to the sky's. if I can do it anyone can..haha. Thank you ladies for all your support & encouragement. GERONIMOOOOO!!!!xxxx

  • That's great news and what a terrifying way to celebrate it!....

    20th July is my son's birthday and I'd love to sponsor you. Can you send me the link?

    I think you should post more often.... and not just to scare our socks off!

    All the best for itxxx

  • Hi Mac.That is so kind of you! & happy birthday to your son for the 20th July. I do have a just giving page but I'm not clever enough to know how to post the link on here. I do however have a text link if you would like to sponsor me. Text SCSD59 to 70070 & the amount you wish to donate. Thank you so much for your good wishes & support. I'll be sure to post when I've done the sky dive.

    Love Sharon xxx

  • Way to go Sharon! That's so brave of you and I shall sponsor you through that text thing if I can manage it (I'm not too hot on that either!)

    You reminded me of the day I took my daughter to the local park and we had a go on the high ropes. I thought it would be a breeze but when it came to jumping off a 7m platform (yes just 7m!) with a harness attached to me, I screamed all the way down and landed on my bottom! My daughter thought it was hilarious!

    Good luck for the 20th and can't wait to read all about it.



  • Hi Mel..haha..you sound as bad as me! I can't even go on an escalator because I'm so scared of heights. With the tandem skydive I'm not so much as jumping out of a plane as being pushed so if I just shut me eyes & pray I'll be ok I'm sure..ha! Thank you for your support & good wishes..love Sharon xxx

  • Hi Sharon. Congrats on getting to 5 years, that's wonderful news. With regards to the skydive, are you mad? Lol. I can't even go on the roundabout with my 2 year old grandsons without getting in a spin lol. You are very brave. Enjoy the experience, let us know how you got on. Ann xo

  • Thank you Anne..it's my one crazy thing to do in life..then I'll take up knitting..ha! Thank you for your support & good wishes..love Sharon xxx

  • Sharon - I've found your Just Giving page ( assuming your surname begins with a C!). Do you want me to post it on here for you?

  • Thank you Christine for trying to post the link..& thank you so much for your very generous donation..it's so kind of you. You are a star xxxx

  • Fabulous, what a great way to mark such a wonderful point and very, very good luck- watch out though as I have heard that many people get a taste for it!! Sarah x

    Ps I think we spent some time together at a cancer awareness pop-up event in Manchester... if so, hello!! and if not- you look just like a very lovely lady who I really enjoyed talking with and apologies!! Xxx

  • Hi Sarah..yes we did indeed spend time together at the pop up shop in Cheetham Hill was it? Hiya!! How are you? Lovely to hear from you again. I'm told that once you've done a skydive it's addictive..but I'm not sure it will be something I'll want to di again..haha. Take care & keep in touch xxx

  • Ah thought I recognised your smile even side on!!!! Hello- so pleased to hear you are well (a little bit bonkers in a fabulous way but hey aren't we all??) I'm good thanks- lovely to catch up with you & yes do lets stay in touch... especially keen to hear how your flying lesson goes!! Shall track down your sponsor site! Very best wishes xxxxx

  • Youre a very brave woman ! Good luck, heard its an amazing experience but one im happy to miss out on ! Xx

  • Haha..Thank you Hilary for your good wishes. I'm assured its an amazing thing to do..I'll let you know how it goes xxxx

  • Thank you Sarah for your lovely donation. It's so kind of you..I'm getting to my target now..I'll think of all you lovely ladies when I'm doing the skydive xxxx

  • Wow I'm impressed! !! I've lost my nerve for things like that. X

  • Hi Ladies..unfortunately my skydive has been postponed because of adverse weather conditions in the Lancaster area this weekend. There are thunderstorms expected. I'm so disappointed! I was all psyched up & ready to go. I have rescheduled for 16th August so fingers crossed the weather will be better for then. Thank you for all your encouragement donations & support.

    Sharon xxx

  • Well ladies..after 2 cancellations due to bad weather..I DID IT!!! It was an amazing experience & I'm still buzzing from it. I'll try to post photos & video when I've calmed down..haha. Thank you all for your amazing support xxxx

  • Fantastic!!!!! Well done you, what an amazing achievement and yes, be great to see you in action! Xxx

  • Congratulations! I bet you're buzzing.....you must let us see some photos!

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