Tandem skydive..I DID IT!!!

Tandem skydive..I DID IT!!!

Hi Everyone

Well after 2 postponements due to the weather I finally achieved my tandem skydive on Saturday 23rd August. Wow!!! It was an amazing fantastic experience! I even "upgraded" from 11000ft to 15000ft..the highest altitude you can go to in the UK without oxygen. I'm so glad I did it. I can't show close up photos..but I've put one on of me coming in to land. I raised £1100 for ovarian cancer. Thank you all on here for your support, donations & encouragement. What a great way to celebrate my 5yrs clear & raise money to help women with this horrible disease. I'll try to post more photos. Thanks again everyone..lots if love

Sharon xxxxx

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  • Wow Wow Wow! That's so brave and an amazing thing to do. Where can we see more photos? I think I'd have been sick - or wimped out!!!!

  • I can only put 1 photo at a time on here but if you go on youtube sharonc1959 you can see the full video. It was amazing. You will also see why I can't put a close up photo on! Thank you for your kind words. It was scarily brilliant..as you will see by my face as I was hanging out of the plane haha xxx


  • What an awesome lady you are! I've just watched the video on u-tube and felt ill just thinking about it and seeing your face as you inched your way out of that open door way above the clouds.

    I'm not very clever with U-Tube. Are you into Crowded House. One of my all-time favourite groups. Saw them in Cardiff 10 years ago or so. Fantastic evening. xx Annie

  • Hi Annie..thank you for watching the video. The scariest bit was hanging out of the plane..after that it was awesome & I'm still buzzing from it. I'm a MASSIVE Crowded House fan..how did you guess?? Haha! I've seen them live a few times & love their music. We seem to have a lot in common..haha.

    Sharon xxx

  • I noticed some Crowded House videos with your name on U-Tube. I'm a huge fan. The concert in Cardiff was incredible and at the end the curtains drew back to reveal a massive Māori choir.

    We do seem to have a lot in common. I'm a chancer - but not yet seriously considered throwing myself out of a plane at 150,000 ft!!!! xx

  • I saw their tour show with the Maori choir..it was amazing! I love all their stuff..& Split Enz too. Neil Finn is a songwriting genius!

    I wouldn't have considered doing a skydive years ago..haha. I'm getting dafter as I get older. Someone mentioned wing walking next..erm!! Not sure about that one though!

    Thanks again Annie

    Love Sharon xxx

  • Oh Annie..thank you so much for your very lovely donation..that's so kind of you..

  • Great photo Sharon. You are certainly inspirational. Congratulations on reaching 5 years too. Ann xo

  • Thank you Ann. It was an incredible experience & I'm so glad I did it. Getting out of the plane was the scariest bit..the rest was just awesome!! Love Sharon xxx

  • Just watched the video - heart in mouth - fabulous!

    You took is so calmly, what on earth are you going to do next!

    Well done....xxxx

  • Thank you Christine. I was calm because I was just so relieved to be finally doing it after 2 postponements. The scariest but was hanging out of the plane. After that it was just amazing!! I'm trying to think of something for next time but I may have to reign in the adrenalin fuelled stunts as I found out yesterday that my 1st grandchild is due in march!! I'm so happy & higher than I was at 15,000ft!! Haha. What a week it's been! Thank you for all your support. Lots of love..Grandma Sharon xxxx

  • A grandma to be really proud of! Great news. I bet you're on top of the world

  • Aww thank you. I'm thrilled to bits..so happy! We've waited a long time for this good news. And now I have really got something to show the grandchildren.. Haha. Xxxx

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