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Just to keep you up to date

Morning Ladies, Just to keep you updated, the MDM did not happen 3 weeks ago am still waiting, fingers crossed it should be today, dont know the reason for delay other than they were waiting for a result!!!

Well my daughter and I returned to London on 27th August for her results and unfortunately the results are not good. she has to go in for major op on 25th September to have a full open surgery to remove the lesion which will probably result in her having a temporary stoma for 6 months as there is no other way of removing the lesion safely and it cant be biopsied before removal due to where it is but the senior consultants at UCLH are of the opinion that given the nature of her previous cancer it cant be left also they are going to try and remove the cyst on her remaining ovary without causing any damage as there original plan is to harvest her eggs but cant do this until everything is sorted as the drugs they use can stimulate growth and cause more damage, but they have said that if they cannot remove it safely they will look at alternatives, which i think means they will stimulate regardless and then remove the ovary completely.

Well ladies thats about it from me at the moment will let you know any further news and keep you posted after my daughters surgery.

Love Vanessa xxx

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Sending good wishes that all goes well,

Love Solange


Really hope your daughters surgery goes well- thinking of you both.



Hi Vanessa,

I am really sorry results are not what you wished for .I just hope the surgery goes smoothly and is successful.What a difficult time it is for everyone.

My best wishes

Anne x


thankyou ladies your positive thoughts are much appreciated xx


Just sending best wishes love x G x


Best wishes to you and your Daughter

Annette xxx


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