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Pre-chemo session blood test failure

What is the significance of one's blood test being insufficiently back up to the necessary levels for next chemo session? I am on carboplatin for the third time in several years (previous two was taxol as well) but this is the first time my chemo has been delayed due to this blood situation. Seeing my oncologist in two weeks time but I'd really appreciate anyone's input on this as I'm now worrying that it may mean my body is no longer coping with the chemo.

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hi, this happened to me last week. my white cell cout was too low for me to have the chemo so it was just delayed a week. i was really worried but they told me its really common and just something that happens with chemo. i was given injections to boost my count and my bloods were back to normal yesterday and i had my tretment. im really sorry youre going through this for the third time. try not to worry about the delay in chemo. im on carboplatin too and as i said my treatment went ahead just a week later, good luck! xxx


Thanks so much for putting my mind at rest Hayley. I kept telling myself it was just a normal blip but one's imagination does tend to run riot with these things! Good luck to you as well. xxx


Hi Hayley, glad you got the treatment done, one more over and done with! Rachel x


Hi Patsy,

As you must know, chemo affects all the systems the body, which is why they always do the blood count before any more. Different drugs affect different counts, I had to have 2 pints of blood last week as my red cell count was too low, but they did give me the chemo as well. I'm glad to say I've got a lot more energy now than I had!

Good luck



Hallo Greybadger

Many thanks for your reply. Re your energy levels going up after a blood transfusion - there has to be SOME advantages to this whole palaver, along with getting better of course!



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