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Last chemo or not!!!!!!

I went to the chemo unit today for what I was told was my last chemo. It had been delayed already two and half weeks as my bloods were low again, so had the usual blood transfusion. Carbo only the same as my last 2, but this time introducing avastin, which I am to have 18 sessions of.

I arrived at 10. At 11 my phone rang and it was my oncologist. He said I could not have avastin with the carbo on its own so I would need to have paclitaxol today with the carbo and first avastin and then two more sessions of carbo/taxol/avastin. If I said no I couldn't have the avastin. It was something to do with the funding. I had seconds to make the decision to have taxol, was really put out that I was put on the spot like that.

I'm really disappointed that I'm not finished. Two more to go now, but I really don't think I had a choice. I didn't want to regret turning down avastin just because of two more chemos.

Of course I'm wondering if Iv done the right thing, as I felt really well after my last blood transfusion and now this is a kick in the teeth again.

Best part is I don't think I need the chemo, but have to tick the box to get avastin. To me that's a waste of funding.

And of course I will lose my hair again. I don't mind but it has taken 4 months to get about an inch back and I was quite getting used to it. My sister gets married beginning of April and was kinda hoping for a bit of a style, but looks like the wig will now be needed.

Sorry to moan but feeling a bit angry at the mo. I'm trying to see positives to keep me going but it's hard. Can't wait till the chemo is over.

Those of you who have had avastin is it worth it?? A lady who had the same op as me hasn't even been offered it so should I see this as being lucky to get it??

Mandy, xx

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Hi mandy, sorry to hear you have to have some more chemo I know how you feel. I was on chemo last year, if you look at my profile you will see I was also put on avastin. Carried on with avastin on its own but had to come off it as it wasn't working for me. I was really disappointed as my hair was growing. Then I was put on taxol, I haven't lost much hair yet but it is thinning a bit

I have my fourth session tomorrow, I am having it every week for eighteen weeks. Will be thinking aboutyou.xx.


Hi Mandy the last thing you need is to be put on the spot like this I can see why you feel cross & confused. You need time to think things over I would of been up set too. I am wondering if it's to do with where you live, I live in the South of England. I have read it can be hard to get this drug in other parts of the country.

I was given 3 chemo's after a scann the chemo had not worked as well as expected so I was put on avastin with my 3 other chemo's. I was very lucky I went on to have surgery but when I was put back on to 12 avastin it didn't work so I am back on chemo.

Let hope this works for you. Cindyx


Mandy, I am so glad you have us all to vent to. Your experience today was indeed rubbish. I sympathize with you and am sending positive energy your way! Having OC is bad enough, but having the care system throw you a curve with no time to think things over is not right. Tesla


Hi Millie

I too have just started Avast in. I am having it with my last three sessions of CarboTaxol then on it's own. (18 sessions in all)

I was told that I qualify forAvastin as I have developed several areas of cancer cells after my hysterectomy and that if I didn't have it now, I would not get the chance later. Apparently it is a very expensive drug and is only offered once. There are various criteria that need to be met before you can be considered for it.

I am hoping that it does the trick and wish you all the best too.



What a saga especially as all over funding. When I had my last two taxol I never lost that much of my new head hair as the first cycles although eyelashes and brows went again. I am pleased I'm having avastin but have not read any reports on its success. I have had one avastin without chemo and have not had any bad side effects. Going through this we doubt, question and second guess everything. I hope you don't regret your decision and hope the taxol is not too unbearable. So annoying you have 3 more sessions though. Must feel like it's never endingot. Take care.

Tracey xx


It obviously has something to do with ticking the boxes but it could be that the Onc had no choice in case funding was being withdrawn, Its a nuisance when you were looking forward to finishing Mandy but look on it as a plus. These extra treatments will hoover the little beasties away for a long time, It wasnt fair to be put on the spot, the timing certainly wasnt great, I am sorry you may lose your hair again but the wedding is a bit away and just dont worry about that at the moment. Make up for it by getting totally glammed up with a nice dress or suit and stunning shoes. I had my sons wedding last April having finished Avastin the previous six months, In all honesty I was so glad to be there I forgot about OC for the day. I got a wow outfit and the C word wasnt mentioned for the day.


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