Cancelled chemo

I had my chemo cancelled today as my platelet count was 46. The nurse said to have another blood test on Wednesday next week and they will book me in for chemo next Friday. What I don't understand is if my platelet count is low, how likely is it that it will get higher on its own? And if it doesn't what then? Has anyone else been through this??

I have two sessions of carbo left and feel the end is near but can't seam to get over the finish line.

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  • Hi Millie ,

    My mother is also on carbo, her platelets were around the same as yours for her third cycle so she had her chemo delayed by 6 days , her blood test was fine the next time , she was really fed up about it but they reassured her that it is quite common and generally sorts itself out if given time . I hope that this helps x

  • Thanks for your reply, hope your mother is doing well. Fingers crossed for next week then. Xx

  • Hi Millie

    Yes the body is a wonderful thing and will fix the platelets given a little break in which to do it's so natural to want to finish but these little hitches with chemo seem to be par for the course and let your body have a short breather! Xx L

  • Thanks Lyndy,

    I think I'm reaching out for my new normal the guys on here talk about. Iv always been impatient.

    Thanks for your reply,

    Mandy, xx

  • Dear Millie. I haven't had any of my treatment postponed but I know how you must feel. I have a schedule mapped in my head for each treatment date. There's childcare and family help booked in, plus a red letter sign counting down. Any small change unsettles me too. From the other messages left for you it looks like you'll have the carbo treatment next week. I hope you feel well enough to enjoy a few extra days off and feeling okay. T. X

  • I know what u mean about a schedule. I was hoping to finish chemo 12 th August and now i don't have a finish line. I know it's not a race, but was looking forward to a little holiday at the end of august, knowing all my chemo was out the way, and my sister could come with us being off for the school holidays. never mind I can go in September. Hopefully will have plenty more Augusts ahead of me.

    Thanks for your reply,


  • Ah Mandy. I really get it. I'm sure your sister will still come and see you in August as planned and if she's anything like my sister she'll try half term too. I hope your blood cell count goes back in the right direction. Thinking of you. 🤕 T. X

  • Fingers crossed for Friday. Xx

  • Oh Millie, I have been there!! You will get to the end but it is so frustrating. I had 3 of my chemos delayed because if it wasn't platelets, it was red cells and if it wasn't them it was white cells. They just seem to recover on their own as you get over the chemo dose. My last chemo was cancelled completely as they thought the risk from infection was far greater then the cancer risk. When that happened I was just stunned and didn't know whether to cheer or cry. In the end I cheered and am now 2 years+ since chemo. Good luck with next Friday - meanwhile enjoy the extra week feeling not so bad after all! xx

  • Sorry to hear you had delays with your chemo, but 2 years + now sounds amazing. I know I will get there, it gives me so much hope when I hear from people in your position.

    Thanks for your reply,


  • Frustrating eh? I had 2 of my last treatments delayed because of wbcs and the treatment was still successful. Xx

  • Hi littlesan,

    It is a worry that in the last 12 weeks I have only had 1 chemo. I'm hopeful the surgery got all evidence of disease but if any little blighters are left I want them zapped. Encouraging to know even with delays the outcome is still positive,

    I wish u well,

    Mandy, xx

  • I had a delay once during second line and they told me that the platelets can bounce back very quickly, just by themselves. The treatment still worked well.

  • Thanks for your reply. Fingers crossed for next Friday,

  • Hi Millie,

    This kept happening to me and I thought I would never get through my chemo - it was then suggested that I had a blood transfusion. I didn't fancy this but felt so weak I decided to go ahead and I immediately felt better and re-energised. All chemo went to schedule after this.

  • I had a blood transfusion 4 weeks ago, I did feel better, I don't mind having another if I have to. I heard u can have a platelet transfusion only don't know what that is or if it is just the same as blood transfusion. Glad your chemo went to schedule X

  • This happened to me frequently and time is the only thing that will help platelets to rebuild. Be easy on your yourself. I know it's hard because you can see the end but Waiting that extra week is what usually helped me get my next treatment. Hang in there! Keep your eye on the end of that tunnel but really and truly try your hardest not to stress, just give your body time to heal and do what it needs to recover! Tracy

  • Hi Tracy, thanks for your reply, it's good news that they will sort themselves out in their own. Fingers crossed for Friday. Xx

  • Honestly don't worry about it, better to delay than end up in hospital. You'll be surprised how quickly they bounce back. I should have finished mid May but due to low bloods I might (everything crossed) get my last one on Tuesday. If they keep dipping really low they may discuss reducing the dose slightly.

    Make the most of it and enjoy the extra week off, treat yourself :-)

  • Good news u will probably get your last chemo Tuesday. Hope all goes well for you. Xx

  • I took had problems with my count. I needed 2 transfusion which freaked me out. It was worse thinking about it than the actual procedure. Think it was about the 14th chemo Taxel/Carbo. Don't be too upset and just get through it. I was in remission for 10 months and just started 2nd round of chemo. Certainly not happy but I'll do it again. Think positive and keep smiling!

  • Oh I'm so sorry to hear that your remission was only 10 months. I wish you all the best in fighting this shitty disease again. U have done it once so keep at it and beat it again. Xx

  • For sure, thanks so much!

  • Mum as had double platelet transfusion as count is under ten an nose as been packed due to nose bleeding please can you help I am worried sick it doesn't work is there other treatments x

  • Each time I have had a transfusion it has worked so not sure what the alternative is. Keep positive that now she has had the platelets it will sort itself out. If for any reason it doesn't I'm sure there will be a back up plan. Try not to worry. I know it's difficult but blood has a habit of sorting itself out with plenty of rest.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.

    Take care


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