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scared at every little thing!!!

has any one had problems after chemo with piles and lower abdo pain???

i had my 6th cycle of carbo 2 weeks ago.. im always constipated for about 4 5 days after wards but now im bleeding a little when i go th the loo and i have pain in my bum its not excurtiating but its uncomfortable and ive had a bit ov tummy ache too. is this just a bad case of piles or something more sinister??? you just cant help but think everything is cancer!!!

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Sorry you're having such a horrible time! It really is hard not to fear every feeling. Truth is; after 6 cycles of chemo you are at your lowest. You will feel more scared now than as you recover. It is much more likely to be a direct result of the chemo, but you should ring your oncology dept about the bleeding. There is likely to be something they can give you to help and also reassure you.

Don't wind yourself up (although I know it's v hard not to); ring them and discuss it.

Very best wishes,



thanks isadora... im just too scared to ask... i just want it to be the chemo and nothing else.. xxx


It is most likely to be the chemo!

You must not ignore symptoms for fear that they are symptoms: that's as daft as it sounds! I would put a large bet on you feeling a good deal better for having a chat with them and getting it sorted. However; if you can't, at least ring the nurses on ovacome and see what they think!

I xx


i will... thankyou. xxx



It is normal to feel scared and nothing to be ashamed of but please don't ignore your pain, a ten minute conversation which leads to peace of mind and the problem being dealth with is worth it.

As Isadora said ring the oncology department and discuss it with them, that is what they are there for.

Wishing you the very best

Sue x


thankyou... i will try and pluck up the courage tomorrow. xx


Hi ive just ha my 6th chemo on Thurs and have had pain where my ovaries were and im badly constipated. So maybe it is the chemo i hope so. I got a lot of bone pain too.Im scared too so you not alone. I have a scan in 3weeks and am so anxious already im living on the edge so to speak. My onc told me it can come back and i feel like i,ll be living waiting for those dreaded words again. Do you feel that way or is it just me thats so negative. I feel its going to go like a pattern of remission, relapse, chemo and go on and on.I wish i had more hope but im so worried about this cancer its taken over my mind and my life,Hope you all feel ok and sending love and hugs Lynn XXXX ps has anyone else had a pain where they had their ovaries?? Would love to hear from you.


you have just described me to a tee... i have all the same feelings that this is just going to be my life from now on fighting one cancer after another.. and to be honest i cant do it i really cant... ive never been ill in my life and this has taken its toll on me.. im not a fighter i have discovered...

i have my scan soon too and im dreading the results day 2/03/2012... but people keep telling me i have to be positive easier said than done..

i have had pain where my ovaries where imentioned it to the oncologist last time i saw him, and he said he wasnt concerned so i took that as a positive... you should too. let me know how you get on please i truly care. xxx


Thanks for reply, Its hard to be positive i know. Some people cope and it comes easy to them. Ive been told to live each day to the full How the hell can i do that when i live in fear the whole time??? This is my 2nd cancer im in remission fron NHL and like you never been sick in my life! Im older than you (I think) im 61 butit doesnt matter what age you are this cancer is a monster.I didnt feel my age til this hit me now i feel 91! I pray so badly for a cure and thats all i do is pray hard very hard. Sometimes i wonder why God is punishing me cos thatswhat it feels like. I wish you well and hope your scan is ok. Will let you know what mine says too For now cheer up Love Lynn XXXX


yes you are a little older than me.. im 37.. but like you said it doesnt matter what age you are.. im the same as you think im being punished for something i havent had the easiest of lives seem to have struggled through problem after problem and i didnt think god would give me anything else to deal with. how wrong was i it seems he hasnt finished with me yet.. i feel im being punished for loving someone i shouldnt love .. long story but as i was diagnosed with oc someone whom ive loved since i was 13 but whom im not with was diagnosed with leukemia.. im with someone who i do love but not the way i love him. and i spend all my time scared that either i will die or he will before i get to see him again..

not sure why ive told you this but its all wrapped up in how fearful my life is at the moment. xxx


Hi Suzanne

You are having a really tough time and i am not at all surprised that you are scared. We all are when we are at our lowest and it doesn't take much to undermine your mood.

Do follow the excellent advice you have been given and speak to the chemo helpline as soon as possible. It was impressed on me in 1998 when i had my first surgery and chem that constipation could be dangerous and painful so i quickly learnt the recognise the signs and take action. I have been having chemo for the last 2 years and am now moving on the pallititative care - throughout this time the medics have stressed precautions to avoid constipation - so it is worth taking seriously. Also you should checkout those other pains - they are probaly side effects of surgery or treatment - but the medics need to know.

Good luck with futire treatment and your physical problems: and also good luck in sorting out your difficult emotional problems.



thankyou angela... xxxxx


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