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Getting better every day !!!!

Hi all,

Thank you for all of the responses I had to my last post have taken on board your advice and I am starting to feel better. I have even got up today and got dressed. My bowels are now moving with a lot less pain and I am managing to eat small amounts of food. I don't have a huge appetite but I have been eating fruit when I don't feel like anything to heavy. Since Monday I have been increasing my food by another spoonful and im now on a desert bowl size, which has increased from a small saucer size meal. So I am improving. my scar is healing but I still haven't looked yet but my hubby keeps telling me lol. I am getting about more around the house but I have no energy to do anything so the rule don't do anything till your 6 weeks are up is fine by me I have no energy to do it any way. To be fair my hubby and my children have all been fab with the up keep of the house the shopping and washing and ironing. . I am still awaiting on my results apparently there has been unexpected delay with every ones results on the ward that week so its not just mine. I should get them no later than Thursday of next week. Thank you again to everyone for your kind words of support it really helps lets hope its good news when my results come through. I will keep you all posted . big soft hugs to all and hope you are all doing well. love and best wishes to all lena xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

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Hi Lena,

I am so pleased to hear you are doing well and improving every day. I couldn't look at my scar for ages too the sheer size of it scared me. I do feel for you having to wait for the histology report, I am willing the results to be benign.

I am sending you my very best wishes and the softest of hugs,

Love Ally xx


Dear Lena

It was really uplifting to read your post and to hear that you're feeling so much more upbeat and better about things. I'm glad you're taking everything easy to give your body and the battle scar time to heal.

It sounds as though you have a wonderful husband and family around you.

Sending loads of love xxx Annie


Well done, Lena, for getting through the first stages of getting better. I hope that the histology comes back with good news. You sound as if you've got a great support team there! Take things easy. I found that going out for a little walk each day, in my second week home, helped me. You'll get around to the scar in good time. I wanted to face mine as soon as I could. Got it over as soon as poss! It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought! :-) Have a lovely weekend.

Love Wendy xx


Dear Lena, I am so glad to hear you feeling better not only physically but also feeling more chipper! Glad you have a family team there -- keep 'em at it, feel not a jot of guilt, and just relax in the knowledge they do it because they love you! Agree with Wendy, do get moving - gently and very slowly - but do it! It helps.


Sue xxx


Dear Lena,

It's good to hear that you are feeling a little better and that you are beginning to eat a little more. Your family sound as if they are looking after you well.

Sending you much love

Zannah x


Hi Lena. So pleased you are feeling a bit better. It does take time to 'fully' recover and you must take all the time you need. You sound like you have a fantastic family around you. They will support you and get you through this. Sending much love n hugs to you all. Izzy xxxxx


Well done Lena it is good to hear your picking up a little each day, I hated my scar too but it does not look to bad now I think of it as my battle scar against cancer, It saved my life. Love Jenny xxx


Good morning to you al,

l hope you are all doing well. thank you for your kind support , I am having my hair coloured trimmed and blow dried today as a treat from my daughter to make me feel better as I haven't done anything with it since coming home apart from put it in a bobble lol. I have been invited to tea at my sons house on Sunday so this will be my first outing, which I am looking forward to. So I am still persevering, I do find it hard some days and find me wishing it was all behind me. The nights are the worse trying to get comfortable to sleep and then when I do I awake soaking wet from head to toe with the night sweats and have to get up and shower and put fresh night wear on. My poor hubby is having disturbed sleep because of this and trying to keep going to work. When I feel down I always try to think of other people on here that are worse than me and if they can get through this so can I .

My best news is my hubby surprised me yesterday with a booking for Coombe Abbey in Coventry from 22nd Dec to 24th Dec as an early Christmas present which includes high tea on the 24th with Carol singers and all Christmas festivities. I was so stunned, you see I love Downton Abbey and Coombe Abbey is very much the same it was built in the 18th century , dripping with history has beautiful rooms some having four poster beds and a beautiful garden conservatory a la carte restaurant. I can't wait I'm so excited,,something to aim for in getting back up on my feet . I have already purchased my dress for the evening dinner and dance on the 23rd . I have chosen a long black maxi cocktail dress in chiffon with a cream shawl all done on internet of course.

love to you all big hugs lena xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :))


What a brilliant treat Lena. Just the job to be looked after in a stately home. I'd love that! Keep your chin up. Those night sweats will stop at some time. I used to keep a cool damp facecloth by the bed. Sounds exhausting getting up and having a shower in the middle of the night but I understand why you feel better doing that.

Hugs 'n love. xxx Annie


You sound wonderful. Healing is always slower than we like BUT you are healing. Your early Christmas SOUNDS a dream holiday come true. You will make some beautiful memories.



Fantastic to hear Lena, humans are amazing what they can get through and recover from. Enjoy every day you feel better and try to ignore the odd bad days when you dont!

Your family sound amazing! Hope you find something everyday that makes you laugh or smile ( just dont laugh too hard or your scar will hurt !)


Hilary xx


Hi, Lena.

I´m happy to see you´re recovering very well from the surgery and your family is spoiling you. Each day you will improve and till december you will be ok to enjoy your christimas celebrations.

Hugs, Fernanda


Hi Lena

You are doing great and its great your family are rallying round to help.

I will keep my fingers crossed you get good news from the histology report.

I was gutted when my surgeon told me he wouldn't be cutting me along my bikini line, but its a small price to pay i told myself. I had my belly bar back in a few days later :-).

Elaine x


Thank you all for you kind replies . I am really trying to stay positive and not get bored while resting lol 5 books down 1 adult Arron cardigan finished and lots of films watched lol . xxxxx soft hugs lena


Hello night owl! xxxx


hi are you up too lol. I 'm finding it difficult to sleep after my news today. How are you and why up so late hun xxxxx


I don't sleep well when I have things on my mind and I guess I have a lot to think about right now. It's nice to have you to 'speak' to. xxxx


What books are you reading, and what films? xxx


I will pm you xxxxx


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