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Im scared

for being off too much. I work for the federal gov. and I have had complications with bleeding. I am not scheduled to have my full hysterectomy until 18 Sept. However, I have had more trouble with the heavy bleeding. My work (supervisor) had told me that she does NOT want me into work if Im bleeding because she doesn't want me to pass out there. So, needless to say, I've been off from work the past four days and I've run out of I've had to ask for advanced sick leave. Its scaring me. I have letters from my work that I've been bleeding..etc. However, the soonest my doctor can give me the surgery is 18 September. He only operates on Thursdays and all of his Thursdays are full until that day. Then I will be off for six weeks..they say.

I've gotten to the point where my doctor doesn't want to give me anymore notes for bleeding and my supervisor doesn't want me to work while Im bleeding either. So I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I think I will just go into work on Tuesday, even if I am bleeding, and tell them I am not. Because Im scared of losing my job...

Thank you for your time.

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I am stunned by your posting, that any employer/country could be so uncaring in this day & age. I assume that Fed Gov is much the same as Civil or Public services here (Ireland), i.e. paid by Government, and that any supervisor would say to someone NOT to come to work knowing your sick leave was gone. It is so uncaring. Would your Personnel Mgr/Human Resource Mgr be in a position to grant your additional paid sick leave , taking into account the proposed surgery date.

Talk to your own GP and ask if he/she can get the surgeon to move the date forward.

The last option of course, is to present yourself at A&E with the bleeding and try to get admitted to hospital sooner. If you continue to have heavy bleeding it could impact on your overall health for surgery.

I am so sorry for you, and can only send you kind wishes and stay strong.


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Thank you for your kind words...people think that because I work for the government that things are easier...but not necessarily. Im gonna check into Family Medical Leave and see if they can help me. I do have some money to help me for a bit. But not long. Plus, I have my son here at the house to help me. He's my pillar and post. I did get to my M.D. today and I got a note from them. So Im hoping that helps.


I am so sorry you find yourself in an impossible situation. Does your pension cover any illness benefit ie a payment to help out when you have no income. Investigate this if you can,. I know your operation is only a few weeks away but at the same time its not fair to wait, I would also suggest you go to the emergency room and obtain treatment and get them to bring forward the surgery as an emergency. Hoping all will work out for you


Hello there..and thank you for your kind words. As a matter of fact...I did already get some money out to help me with the mortgage. I was fortunate that today I got into see my M.D. and my bleeding had stopped. My gyno only has surgeries on Thursdays...and I have already checked to see if I can get it moved sooner..however, I can not. So Im just hoping and praying that my bleeding stays stopped...


Hi tallngracious,

Glad all is under control for the moment well tomorrow is 1st Sept so its now less than three weeks away. If they feel you are anaemic they will give you transfusions during or after the op perhaps. Dont be pulling or dragging stuff or doing anything to raise your blood pressure and thus start a bleed. Wishing you well


Hello Suzuki,

I have never thought of it that way. I've always had a bit high BP...but on Friday, my BP was 100 over 60.

Usually its 130 or 140 or 90 or 100. I will make sure not to do anything strenuous. I've been in bed this past week. Thank you for your consideration....


well I go back to work tomorrow for a couple weeks before I have my surgery on 18 September. Im sure I'll probably get fired for being off for two weeks even tho I have had notes from the doctors and haven't had the leave to cover it. Im scared to death. I wish I had some family to talk to about all of this. My father died from cancer when I was 16 and my mom is in a nursing home with Parkinsons disease. And I go to a counselor, however, its not the same....


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