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help im scared

hi all I suffer from polucystic ovarian syndrome and last month I went to my regular gynae appt and he told me I had a 9cm chst on my ovary that has grown in 6 months.

he is almost certain it is two simple or complex cysts merged together , he did a ca125 test and it came nack at 7 and he said other cancer marker ones were normal, I have had my contrast scan and go back on tuedday im scared, 6 months ago all was fine and they said the cysts looked ok when I had pelvic exam etc

I dont really have periods anymore not had one for 8 months .im scared its ovarian cancers.and my life is over and im gonna never see my son grow up .

thanks for listening x

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It's normal to be scared, especially when you're waiting for results. I would guess that most of us on here have felt the same at some point. Whenever I'm waiting for results I just keep busy and make sure I'm enjoying myself to take my mind off it! Try to have a lovely weekend with your son and please let us know how you get on. Andrea xx


Dear Amanda

I'm sorry you're going through all this worry. Have you looked up the guidance about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome on the NHS Choices website? You might find the advice there quite reassuring:

The symptoms of ovarian cancer are one or more of the following happening on a regular basis:

Swollen Tummy

Needing to wee more often

Changes to bowel habits

Pain in the abdomen

Feeling full when eating

Hopefully you don't have any of these symptoms happening 2 or 3 times a month. It must've also been reassuring to have a normal CA125 reading. It's good they've also done a scan and I really hope you have good news on Tuesday and you can continue enjoying all the things you enjoy.

I'm pretty hopeful you don't have to worry about ovarian cancer, but there are a lot of us here who are proving people can live with cancer and it can be managed for a long time so life just doesn't stop with a diagnosis of cancer. Many cancers, caught early enough, can be treated and patients can reasonably hope for a complete remission.

I hope Tuesday goes well and you feel a bit more reassured. Hope this message also brings some comfort.

best wishes.


hi thank you for that no I dont really have those symptoms on a regular basis .ie all the time I have occasional stomach pains not all the time .I do get pains in my side skmetimes but im assumin thats from the cyst .I did read it can make u feel full quickly and have no appetite .im the opposite im always hungry. I do feel full sometimes after rating and sometimes straight aftet eating I get a tummy ache but thats after a lot not a small amount

thanks for listening.


It is very scary, I completely understand.

Kat xx


I do understand how scared you are. But please try not to see this as the end of life as you know it. Hope is always there. Positiveness and happiness is a powerful helper.

After being told in Oct 2009 that I would not see Christmas and there was nothing they could do. To starting chemo and 3 months into it, on Xmas eve, being told after a scan, that they could not find the cancer! To now 5 years later and they still can't find it.

So there are positives and amazing successes.

Life will change. Your priorities will be a bit different. But I think I now focus more on family and good times, not things anymore.

Hope it helps you focus and it is all positive when you see your specialist. Xx


I would feel optimistic and I wish you well for the result of your scan next week, try and not dwell on it too much, having said that, it is not easy. I know because I am the worst worrier in the world sending you hugs and best wishes


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