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I am having laparoscopy through left side of abdomen due to extensive adhesions. If tumours look benign and it's possible then they will be removed along with remaining ovary and cyst on left Fallopian tube, however consultant doesn't think this is possible and is of the belief I must have laparotomy but this carries significant high risk of bowel, uterine and bladder injury. I have been advised I will almost certainly wake with a stoma I am having increasing pain due to the amount of internal and external examinations I am frightened by the outcome but at least these demons inside me are being removed!

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hi Diamondhearts,

easier said than done but try not to worry too much about the stoma, i had one 3 weeks ago due to damage of the bowel during surgery just 10 days previous. It really isnt as bad as you imagine it to be and after a while you dont notice that its there, only this week husband (herthing) took me out shopping for the day on Wednesday for my birthday, Thursday I attended a cousins funeral and Friday went to my nephews wedding, all with no problems at all, did need a lazy day yesterday though.

keep thinking positive as you say at least the demons are being removed.

Good luck hope everything goes well xxx



Sending you my best wishes.... like I said earlier you are in very good hands at the WHL.

Love x G x


Aww I know. Thank you for your support x


Hi again

So sorry that you have this worry , things can grow in cysts so they are definitely better out than in. Many people live with stomas , you sound like a tough girl , I am certain that you will get through this.

Charlie xxx


I think better out than in is the best policy, you,ll get through this, best wishes from Paul and Sandra xx


I was warned that a stoma was a possibility before both surgeries, twelve months apart and woke up with one after the second. While not my accessory of choice I manage it very well on the whole and, 18months down the line, I now irrigate so accidents are very rare. It depends how high in the bowel yours is how thick the product is. You will be assigned a stoma nurse who will mark you up before the op and show you how to attach the bags and keep it clean. A stoma on the left of the abdomen is almost certainly a colostomy and produces thick brown poo! One on the right is an ileostomy and produces something I have heard described as somewhere between chicken soup and porridge. I have a very low colostomy so my diet is unrestricted but ileostomy patients seem to be advised to eat lots of rice pasta and potatoes to thicken it up.

I use fragrance free baby wipes to clean up and carry a make up bag with a spare bag, adhesive remover, disposal bag and deodorant (they supply a special one) for emergencies. Ask about getting a Radar key for disabled loos (more space for dealing with it and proper disposal facilities) and a card that says you need a loo urgently. I do not use mine often but I have used it to go to the front of the queue in the theatre and to be allowed to use the staff loos in a shop where there were no public ones. I also use Tena lady minis to deal with the clear, non offensive, mucous that the rectum produces from time to time without warning.

I hope this helps! I am not in a relationship so cannot advise on that but irrigation means I use small "caps" that look like a large Elastoplast so should be less of a problem if I were. I believe that there is an item on offer that will cover the bag and your stoma nurse can advise on such things.

I am up front when queue jumping and using disabled loos as I don't look disabled so, to avoid resentment I just say "I have a colostomy" so people, most of whom envision something so much worse than it is, will not think I am "trying it on".

To end on a positive note, I have been in remission since the last op and feel very well. I was stage 3c at diagnosis and only had 9 months remission after the first round of chemo and surgery. It is now almost 18 months since the last surgery and there is no sign of it coming back yet though I know it will eventually.

Good luck with your laparoscopy and remember they have to warn you of everything that might go wrong but they are usually very good and very careful so, with luck, any damage will be minimal and you may even escape the need for a stoma. My bro in law's cousin lived happily with hers for over 40 years!

The real downside is say good bye to those dainty little handbags! You can't get your second make up bag in! On the plus side Radley and Tula do some very smart large ones though my Radley has so many magnets that it weighs a ton and I was told not to use it for a long time after surgery and again afte y recent lumpectomy!

However that was a small price to pay! Heigh HO! I must get up and finish organising my new kitchen!

Love and good luck!



All the very best wishes to you.

Good luck.

Eileen xx


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