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Surgery this coming Friday

Hello all! It doesn't look like much has been posted here for awhile. I am scheduled to have one ovary removed this Friday, as well as a D&C. I have a 5 cm cyst on the ovary, and am post-menopausal. My gyno suggested watchful waiting with an ultrasound every 3 months to gauge change. I went in wanting a total hysterectomy, just to rid myself of current and future worry. We settled on the procedure I am having this week, with the stipulation that I am signing a release pre-surgery saying he takes everything then and there if any sign of concern. He agreed. As far as recovery, I was a bit taken aback by some of the stories here, because my doc said I can return to work on MONDAY! My procedure will be laparoscopic, so that is probably why. But even the laparoscopic folks here seem to not fit the recovery story I was told. But I am approaching it with the goal to return to my office job on Monday. I'll touch base post-surgery and let you know how right I was ... or wasn't.

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Hey Sue!

I had 2 laparoscopic surgeries the first one was removal of Ovary and cyst. I was just overnight in hospital and back at work quickly too but not that quickly! The recovery from the surgery was quick but the after effects of the anesthetic were there for a while grogginess and fatigue. I have to drive to get to work and was advised not to drive for a couple of weeks after surgery as I wouldn't be insured but that depends on whether you are taking pain killers or not and I wasn't and it can vary from insurance company to insurance company!

On the basis of my experience it's not beyond the realms of possibility to return to work quickly after laparoscopic surgery but I would be inclined to see how you feel afterwards as everyone reacts differently to the surgery and the anesthetic!

Take care and best of luck!


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Thanks Dx. Very good to know. I guess I relate my hopefully-quick recovery to having had 2 c-sections in the past. This can't be THAT bad. :) This gyno has good history with quick recoveries, and his staff said if they had to have surgery, they'd want him to do it. Hopefully that will all play into a quick recovery. Thanks again for your story. Very helpful to talk with those who have "been there done that." Take care.


I think I had a week off work after my laparoscopic surgery and then colleagues picked me up so I didn't have to drive for the first week back. Don't try to do too much, you will be sore inside, give it time to heal.

Sounds like you're in good hands :-) Get some peppermint to help with the trapped gas it really helps.



Thank you, L4W. So glad I found this site. I've never "blogged" before now. It's actually very helpful to hear others' stories. I consider myself pretty resilient, and am hoping I rebound as quickly as I used to. I know though, the older I get, the slower I rebound. I will listen to my body. Thanks for the peppermint idea. I have read much about the gas pain afterward. I remember gas pain after my second c-section. No fun at all. Will do my best to stave that off. Thanks again. Keep the comments coming! They are helping.


Hello Sue, I think it's too much pressure on going back to work Monday. Wouldn't you need a week off, at least.. I hope your procedure goes well, and you will be back on your feet in no time..

Best wishes



Hello Sue, my sister had laparoscopic surgery to remove a dermoid cyst, admittedly to remove both ovaries mainly because of my diagnosis, but there was no way she could have had this done on a Friday and return to work on the Monday. There's the effects of the anaesthetic to take into consideration and whether you sleep and eat well afterwards, etc. As others have mentioned, there's the question of driving; insurance and whether wearing the seat belt might aggravate any soreness from the procedure. Seems frightfully speedy to me.

Let us know! All the best, Helen


I think you are being very optimistic in returning to work so fast. You will feel tired after the anaesthetic and have to regain your energy before going back to work. Work can well do without us when we are sick so dont be in any rush take your time, I know that here in Ireland you are not allowed to drive for six weeks post op as you are not insured. It is normal to recover a little faster from a laparotomy but I wouldnt over do it either, All the best for the surgery


wow, i am getting less and less trusting in my surgeons recovery prognosis. This all helps SO much. Thanks to everyone who responded. i plan to alert my employer that my original recovery prognosis may have been a bit over zealous. please keep the comments coming. because, personally, am hoping to beat all these odds and be back at it quickly. but i also know i am no bigger than any of you. love to you all.


Hi there and welcome

Good luck with all of this !

I had two laparotomies and needed 9 weeks after the first and six after the second. I was extremely fit beforehand and the whole surgery thing took ages to get over. I'm certain that your car insurance would be invalid if you tried to drive so quickly after surgery. Most of us here had open surgeries , and six weeks is the absolute minimum recovery time. Doing too much after surgery can disrupt healing and leave you with chronic pain. I doubt if the surgeon himself would go back to work so quickly after an operation.

Take care....hugs xxx


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