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advice please

Hi Ladies, I was diagnosed in 2013 with oc so had the operation and then 6 chemo sessions, all good. In march of this year I had another op on removing a small tumour and there's tiny modules left in my stomach and it's a "wait and see" approach. I do on and off have problems with my bowels ie constipation, can any of you ladies relate?? Lately I am getting a feeling that I am getting my periods, I have also had a hysterectomy, not there all the time but it seems to be getting worse when it returns, it's that very heavy, bloated feeling like you are going to burst, even pains down my thighs, do any of you ladies understand what I mean??? I have been to my gynie only a couple of weeks ago and mentioned about my bowel problem , he examined me and said get back to him if things get worse......

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Hi there I am reading your post and I dont wish to alarm you but could you not return to your gp for a referral to your gynae oncologist. Then ask your gynae oncologist for a ct scan. I feel this should be done just to be sure there is nothing amiss. From what you say it would be a while since you had a scan anyhow, I know they do not encourage it anymore because they feel that it causes more stress in the long run. That aside if your symptoms are causing you a problem then go and get it sorted. Your gynae on pelvic exam etc seems to think it is nothing to be worried about but if you are in pain then speak to your doctor. I am not sure what part of Ireland you are in but I can assure you that some gynaes do need a little push now and again.


Hi Suzuki, thank you for your quick response, I had a ct scan done in february this year so my gynie doesn't want me to have another one in the same year, I am living in Cork city, I am a bit worried about it to be honest but don't want to be a drama queen either


Hello 'Cotton',

I'm with Suzuki on this - chat to your GP & ask for a referral if he doesn't suggest it. Like you, my last occurrence was in 2013 and I have 3-monthly CA125's for my GP to monitor progress and we know that even if it goes up, we need to wait for 'some relevant symptoms' for him to refer me again. Your description of what you feel is certainly something I'd be taking to him. I can understand about the CT scan reluctance, but a CA125 is neither costly nor with possible side effects.

The other thing is to ring the Ovacome free helpline 0800 008 7054 and chat to the nurse.

Hope the day is as good as it can be. Lesley


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