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Bitter Sweet! Help please!

Hi folks, to all of you undergoing treatment & in recovery; may you be well, may you be free from suffering & may you live with ease.

I have been symptomatic recently so a ct scan was scheduled & a 4cm mass found on my Caecum (attaches ascending colon to small intestine). I was scheduled for an investigative colonoscopy (which happened today) to take a peak & do a biopsy. But to my delight & mystification I was told by the gastroenterologist that I had the healthiest bowel he had seen that day with NED.

So ladies I wonder if anybody else has had a similar experience with ct scans & related reports. I would love to hear your experiences. I now understand the MDF (multi disciplinary team) will review the findings and get back to me. I hope a second opinion on the scan is sourced. I dont know if the mass existed at all or if it is located elsewhere?

Delighted to have a healthy bowel yet still mystified!

Best regards & Namaste


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That is one mystery but if the gastro couldnt find anything today that is a good sign. Hopefully the MDT will review the findings again and get back to you with a positive outcome. I know they showed me every crevice going up and I was told the same although it was my gp who ordered it because I had blood which ended up to be piles. I think I also had eaten beetroot day before going to gp, not a good idea really. But I was also delighted to get a clear result apart from the piles which were sorted on the day. Possibly one of those things hopefully,


Thanks Joan. Lots of good news, I agree. Hopefully there is a simple explanation! I hope dexa scan went ok & that pain manageable.

Best Chickpea x

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Yes one of the two machines out of order but what is new in the HSE I did ask the radiologist if the left side was compromised and she said a bit I explained my predicament so she said it is osteopenia ie the precursor of osteoporosis. My gp will have the report in two weeks. But at least I can tell the physio that there is a problem there. A bit sore after treatment and traction yesterday but that is the norm, Hope you are recovering and had something to eat since you got home. Mind yourself


Hi there. Your good news is wonderful . Long may it continue. Not alone were you just ok but with the healthiest bowel ! That is pure bliss. I wish you a long NED. Take care


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Great news Chickpea. Enjoy those results. M


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