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Hi everyone, I am just wondering whether you tell your car insurance company if you are on Avastin long term or does it arise. In the past I have discussed the matter of notifying my insurers about my illness with my gp. His attitude was you take a practical approach and dont drive if you arent feeling well. So far I have stuck with his advice. I do drive across the city to see him so he is looking at it from that point of view. I am again worrying about this and am looking for some advice on what to do. Had Avastin today and apart from being a little tired am fine. Have scan in three weeks with Avastin, I am taking a chance getting two in the one day but it is tempting to do it all in the one go. This way VHI pays for the scan as you are deemed an in patient when getting chemo. The CNS said that it wouldnt be a good idea to have chemo and ct scan but its ok with Avastin. So I may live to regret this but time will tell

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I had Avastin and a CT scan two days later two weeks ago. I really didn't feel well for a day or two after the CT Scan. I know we are all different and react differently but as they say forewarned is forearmed xxx Trish


I know I can be a little off after the scan without Avastin but not too much if I stick to avoiding my cuppa like I should but that is very hard task for me haha. The first thing I go for after the scan is a cup of tea I am so bold. I may well learn my lesson in July. Then I wont repeat the performance in a hurry.


Hi Suzuki. Good question.... I was thinking if you rang an independent insurance broker and asked about cancer and/or medications - they might have a good impartial answer??? I don't believe that heart conditions, medications ect effect your insurance but id be interested to hear any responses.

Won't make it to the coffee morning - hope ye have an enjoyable meeting. Wishing you the best for your upcoming scan in July.


Thanks Missfitz I have to travel tomorrow to a birthday party so wont make it either unfortunately. I suppose basically its common sense as in driving the car. My insurance did come up for renewal early in the year and it did mention some illnesses. Some one I know was scandalised a few years back when I said I was driving as her husband had open heart surgery and his consultant had to sign him fit to drive after a few months. She told me I was in the wrong driving that time. I didnt take any notice. No will go with my gp and everyone else, otherwise its probably opening a can of worms. Hope all are doing well,


I don't ever remember any question which would need you to tell them. It's not like health insurance.

I think your GP's right. If you don't feel well enough to drive, don't.

Doctors always make a point of telling you about this when you have an op or with a medication that could affect driving.

You've got enough to worry about without worrying about this ( or perhaps that's why you are!)

All the best xx


I never mentioned illness to car ins important question does it affect your ability to drive I think gp can give best advice on this.


Hello ladies. I have just read this on the DVLA website. Not as clear as glass but may be helpful. I have cut and pasted the important bit.

Cancer and driving

You may need to tell DVLA if you have cancer.

You can be fined up to £1,000 if you don’t tell DVLA about a medical condition that affects your driving. You may be prosecuted if you’re involved in an accident as a result.

Car or motorcycle licence

You don’t need to tell DVLA if you have cancer, unless:

you develop problems with the brain or nervous system

your doctor expresses concerns about your fitness to drive

you’re restricted to certain types of vehicles or vehicles that have been adapted for you

your medication causes side effects likely to affect safe driving

You’ll need to tell DVLA if you develop any problems that may affect your driving. Fill in form G1 and send it to DVLA. The address on the form.

After reading this I don't think I will tell DVLA about my cancer. I know chemo makes you tired and that side effect is likely to affect safe driving, but to be honest if I am that tired I don't drive. What a minefield!!!!

Irene xxxx

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Has anyone ever heard that you are legally over the limit to drive after having your dose of carbo/taxol due to the way they prepare it..My sister said she heard it somewhere. I am confused.


Gosh I did open a can of worms, well as I said its common sense, if you feel under the weather, you dont feel like going out anyway. My gp is a sensible guy and I think I will go with his advice. I am really sorry if I upset anyone or caused them to worry as we have enough to be worried about as it is


Hi marn, I was warned that you can be over the limit after Gemzar for twenty four hours after infusion as it contains a form of alcohol, was never warned the first time I had it but it seems its formula changed in past few years and contains pure alcohol. I dont think the carbo or taxol contains alcohol. That explains the shakes I got after the first infusion as I dont drink much. Apparently patients have failed the breathalizer after Gem so was warned at the hospital.


Thanks so much Suzuki .That is good to know as nobody mentioned it to me yet.


Hi. An interesting point you have raised, I know that when I was on full chemo, the hospital told me not to drive that day as my insurance would not cover me in the event of an accident. However, since going on Avastin the problem did not arise. I know I live within 10 minutes drive of the hospital so I drive now every 3 weeks. I think common sense would prevail on those days - that if I was tired or feeling 'off' I would leave my car parked at the hospital & have someone collect it for me later. My GP does not see any problem and knows I would make a sensible decision and cannot see why I should notify my insurance company.

I noted that in UK someone mentioned DVLA - I did not check it out with RSA, but may do so.

I see that you seem to have adverse effects when having CT Scans & Avastin together - thankfully, I don't seem to have any problems and while fasting until CTS is done - the hospital always arrange for tea & toast as soon as I come back. I think I am being spoiled & lucky when I read some stories.

All well, just going on drastic detox for the next few days as only back from hols and heading in for Avastin on Friday, so must ensure my bloods are good!!!!

Hope you are well and enjoying the return of the fine weather.


Hi Daisies, glad you had a nice time away. Yes enjoyed the nice day today must pull out the hose later to water the flowers. I will go ahead and chance the CT scan with Avastin. I do obey the rules as to fasting so will pop into the cafe for tea and toast on the way over to oncology. They know I am doing the two in the one day so they will watch out for me. Just make sure you have plenty of fluids in the warm weather to stay hydrated in this weather. Yes I am not going to mention Avastin to the insurance company. I am normally okay driving espcially with the Gemzar gone. If I do feel under the weather, I dont drive. I am gone bad on the walking and will start again this week maybe later this evening. While I am typying it might sink in that I must make an effort. Best of luck on Friday and I am sure all will go well



Just a thought - prompted by another post on something else.... I wonder whether that could contribute to the recommendation not to drive?

Certainly some of us, including me, become rather manic with them, even with a baby dose, and that would not make for calm driving if it affects you that way.....


Never thought of that but usually wont drive anyway on my off days. Way to look at it, Avastin is keeping my oc under control same as my bp tabs keeps blood pressure stable. I wont mention it to the insurance company. My doc said that I wasnt a risk at work so I take it I am not a risk driving unless I feel ill, I have gone back for 12 hours a week and it is enough at my age.


What a useful and interesting post. I've read all the contributions and I'm even more confused than ever but it's certainly made me think. I've come to the conclusion I shall not inform the DVLA I have cancer as I don't think it affects my driving yet. I shall just continue driving but not if I'm feeling tired. Luckily I don't need to worry about driving to and from oncology appointments as use a combination of bike and public transport and there aren't many restrictions on those. xx Annie


Hi Annie, of course I would cause trouble haha. Some one mentioned the driving issue some time back to me and she was most indignant I continued to drive from the beginning so that is what triggered me off. My daughter says I think too much and she is totally correct. I hope you ae doing well, I am also on the Avastin every three weeks and the numbers are staying down. I have a scan in July which hopefully will show the numbers are right. I just find that my energy levels havent come up like they did before and that does sadden me at times. But I should rest more to balance that out, and its a learning process not to push oneself.


I think having cancer it's handy if an innate sense of self and self-confidence comes with it. I'm so pleased your CA125 is remaining in the low figures on Avastin. I'm the same as you. Zil energy some days. Other days I feel fine. As you say a matter of balance and there's plenty to do of relevance from a sitting down position!

Take care of yourself. Rest when you need it. Loads of love xxx Annie


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