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Coming up to appointment time and bloods and all of that.

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In the next few weeks, I have the usual bloods and consultant apointments. No matter what I think it is natural to worry before hand. I do try and chill by watching Andre Rieu with his Orchestra, I read and take my dogs walking. The thing about walking is making up your mind to get out there and the great feeling you have when you come back. I have been suffering with a shoulder problem and have been getting physio. I had put this problem down to a fender bender. Now I wonder, I had a ct in May and another the end of August. I was told that the composition of the dye and drink had changed and that your arm could be sore for a day or so. After my last ct I went to the doc and he referred me for physio. Though the movement is increasing so is the pain so am now wondering if all this is related to an allergic reaction to the ct dye or what. If any one has any thoughts on this, I would appreciate it enormously. Other than that am doing ok and I hope all is well with you out there

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Getting scan and blood tests tomorrow so very worked up. Never heard of any shoulder pain with ct scan but have had terrible back pain on left side which is freaking me out.

Hi Cath. I just saw you message now I hope you got on ok today. Its not easy is it? Hope you dont have to wait too long for results. I know what you mean about the pain, any pain after an illness is enough to make you worry and in most cases, the scans are clear. The scans for me give a better indication of my condition. I do really believe that there are side effects to any treatment which may include pain. But at the same time, if you are worried, get a clear answer from your consultant. Keep asking questions if you feel you need to

Well in great form today on cloud nine everything clear and I am now officially a year out of chemo so feel good to get over that milestone.. Amazingly the pain is gone I wonder is it stress you tend to get so worked up waiting for results it is awful. The consultant told me not to be worrying I am cured but of course I still will. I was very lucky just caught in time another month would have been in big trouble. Had interview for job yesterday which I would love praying now really hard I will get would just be perfect 10 mins away from me and only 3 days a week. I think when I get a job I will feel my life is getting back on track again plus we need the money. My kids are 4 and 5 both in school and my husband is off every Mon and Tues so will be able to manage 3 days work keeping everything crossed that I get this job. Though at the end of the day getting the all clear was like winning the lotto the best news ever feel a bit emotional today.

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That’s great – I am delighted everything is going well for you. Do you mind me asking what stage where you?

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Hi Cath. Many congratutlaions to you. It is so nice to hear the good news rather then the bad news. You must be thrilled. I really hope you got the job and if not that one then another one has come your way. I am new to all this not as a patient but as a family member. I lost my mam to ovarian cancer 4 weeks ago and when I read your blog I just had to reply to you. my mam was 70 years old but only looked no more then 55, her battle was done with dignity and so much will power.Being the person she was she would love to know that there is a happy ending to this awful disease and you are living proof. So again many congratutulations and most of all enjoy your life now with your husband and 2 children. take care. kaz

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Hi Alanadan, Firstly I just want you to know how sorry I am to hear that your mother has died a very tough time for you. It is a awful disease. I was lucky caught at stage 1 but I still live with the fear and the horror of what could have happened. I think the worst part would be leaving my 2 babies (4 and 5) crying just thinking about it. Dont know what to say really I just pray I will stay clear trying to move forward having a down day today not able to get work worrying about money which is silly I know considering what I went though plus inlaws annoying me (thats another story). Just have to keep going I suppose. I just feel very sad too when I hear of someone dying of this disease as it brings me back to that place and frightening time and reminds me it could have been so easily me. I think the key in helping more people is raising awareness and for people to get caught in time as it is so curable when it is in fact one of the most curable ones when caught early.

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Hi Cath40. Thank you for your kind words about my mam, it means so much to me. For mam she wasnt so lucky hun, when she was scanned at the start of her illness, they did try and operate but they couldnt and they tried twice, chemotherapy was all that she could have at the time and it kept the disease stable right up until July 2012. we will never know what happened really after that but at the start mam was probably at least at stage 2 maybe 3 so not really caught in time. I am so happy for you that you are doing so well and here for your little girls. I am also a mammy to to two children, my daughter is 15 and my son is 8, so I know how you feel about being a mammy and wanting to be there for them. Live your life to the full now but I am sure I dont ahve to tell you that. oh we all have family issues so dont worry about that. Worrying about money is a normal thing, we all do it. when you are ready to go back to work , go then and only then. you are right with your attitude, keep going and enjoy. my mam loved life and lived it to the full, losing her has left me and my family heartbroken but I plan to keep her memory and her beliefs so much alive and I plan to try and do as much as I can for the charity Ova Care. this is what my mam would have wanted. will keep in touch with you to see how you are doing & I will keep you in my prayers that everything goes great for you, I have no doubt it will. even though we lost our beautiful mam, I will say that it is lovely to hear that there is a happy ending to such horrible disease. well done you. kaz

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cath40 in reply to alanadan

Bless you thanks for your kind words in the midst of your grief it is great to see that you are trying to do something good. Losing a mum must be so hard I know how I feel about my own. You will keep her memory alive with what she is doing and i live for the day that no one has to die of this awful disease.

Hi Cath all sound great thank god and hopefully you will pick up something. If not this week maybe next week, you have the incentive now to keep looking. My hubby is retired and my working brings in the extra for holidays etc. But most importantly, it helps me focus on something else besides illness. Great that you are doing so well and hope you can give yourself a small treat. Went to gp today my pain is prob down to bone catching bone in the shoulder so will have to have mri. Meantime I got a steroid injection and on the other arm the flu vac. Dont forget that one anyway. So have bloods next week and meeting onocologist the week after so hopefully nothing will have changed.

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cath40 in reply to suzuki

Hope all tests are good it is so hard waiting I was nervous wreck last week. You are so right about having the job gives you a focus.

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