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Hi Ladies, I have been to my check up today with oncologist. He is stopping the Avastin because he finds that two years is now the appropriate cut off time. This gives the body a chance to recover and it is also a fall back if I need it again. He would hope that I stay stable for a while. Last scan was stable and he is happy with that, Back for review in February, I asked him about metaformin and ibuprofen and he said there are no studies he has read to indicate that either is of any benefit to those already diagnosed so for that reason he is not in favour. So I am drug free after two years, a long time really when you think about it. We cant foretell the future just hope, hope has to be maintained. I actually felt this kind man had worked all weekend, he was so tired. It is not an easy job to have and it has to be stressful. I have problems accessing the Ovacome site and they are really trying to sort it, unless I changed my settings in error, anyone else here have same problem or is it my computer destroying powers acting up? I wish everyone well, Joan

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  • Hi Suzuki. I am glad everything went well for you today and that you saw the man himself. It is good to know you are of all treatment, after so many years it will take some getting used to as your life was ruled by hospital visits. Yes I to have been having problems getting on to the Ovacare site .It kept saying HealthUnlocked was updating but had no problem getting on to the Ovacome site the mind boggles . Take care and enjoy your new treatment free time. kittie

  • Thanks Kittie, with a lot of patience, the website has sorted out my problems and guess what, I get notifications by emails once again. My daughter said I have to reload it. Maybe the weather is to blame. The rain has never stopped all day down here. I have to go to town tomorrow to the dentist, for a cleaning and I need an extraction but that has to wait for another ten days. I feel in one way, I am happy to be free but in another wonder if being drug free will make the beasties roar again. But we cant think like that either. So in meantime, we have a dose of man flu in the house which of course includes sighs and groans along with the sniffles. My daughter was sick last week so now hubby has it and I hope they dont pass it on to me.

  • Great news that you are now drug free and disease ius stable. Long may it continue that way. Ann x

  • Thank you will miss my safety net but hoping for the best.

  • Great news Suzuki, you're on a 'drugs holiday' like myself. It has to be good for your body and wonderful that scan is stable. Enjoy these few months. M

  • Sounds as if you deserve the break. Although did the doc give any reason other than there is no evidence to prove that ibroprofen is effective. I think I am taking the approach of asking the doc to give me a good reason why not to take things and not to accept answers like 'there is no evidence to prove that it is effective', well where is the evidence to disprove it too? I will be taking this approach with my oncologist when I see him. I am looking into all different supplements which my doc doesn't really have an opinion on, other than no evidence etc.... But I will be looking to introduce once chemo is finished in a bid to prevent a reoccurence and if it doesn't work then at least I have given it my best shot.

  • That is quite true really, I will go speak to my gp and see what he says. I already take a statin for cholestrol so that is also supposed to be helpful for Cancer. I didnt mention that because in fact the poor man was exhausted and I felt ashamed of disturbing him to be honest. I am starting a cold so adding ginger powder to my tea, well that is supposed to be good for inflamation and for cancer. We just cant sit and wait, we have to be as proactive as possible

  • Echinacea is good too. My morning tea is now a slice of lemon, ginger and a bit of ground turmeric. I have bought a couple of books Chris Woolam's - Everything you need to know to beat cancer and the Rainbow diet. He has done lots of research and continues to do so and has put it all in a book. His website canceractive is also very good. There are lots of sceptics out there but I definitely think they are worth a read, lots of useful info about supplements that maybe beneficial. Anti cancer by Dr David Servan Schreibler is also a good book. I have been advised to read Radical Remission which apparently is a very inspirational book. I've had a few weeks off my juicing and the healthy diet but starting to feel a bit better now and will be getting back on it.

  • I have also picked up on ideas like tumeric and I use the root ginger in juicing. Like that, I juice once a day but sometimes if tummy goes into overdrive, I drop it again. Flaxseed is good and omegas, have used them and will return to them when side effects of Avastin are less severe on the tummy.

  • Wonderful news,you deserve a break from treatment and at least you know there will be a good eye kept on you by the Onc.,I'm seeing him Friday with the results of my scan.I know you have the fear of ,what if it comes back etc,but you know your own body and if you feel there's something not right then,ring up and make an app.youll have free time now,go on another few breaks away,if you could make your Avastin treatment days into more happier days,like meeting up with friends for coffee and a natter every Thursday.

    Best of Luck with the man flu in the house,you'll need it lol.

    Here's to happier,healthier times ahead for you,you deserve it! X x

  • Thank you Annie, best of luck on Friday, He looked as if he had a long hard weekend, poor man. I suppose I am looking forward to losing the sniffles and the tummy cramps and aches. I do need a rest from it. Must pop into to the girls with a thank you card though. I would often meet friends the odd thurs so now its true I can meet them more often. Thanks again and good luck for Friday

  • HI. Great news that you are stable; a very broad term; but fantastic. While I won't comment on the views of one doctor in relation to medicine - you know I am back on Avastin and can remain on it as long as it seems to be working and I don't suffer too many adverse side effects. I was on it previously for 2 & 1/2 years and made my own decision to come off it for a while. The months I got without drugs, chemo, hospital appointments was just what i needed. It meant that I was mentally and physically able to cope with recurrence.

    So , enjoy the break from drugs and look forward to Christmas. The medics & the hospital staff are only at the end of a phone call if you have worries.

    Again, delighted with your good news.

    Take care.


  • HI Daisies, yes a broad term and my first question was would I relapse within a few months and the reply I got was hopefully not. I didnt have any major side effects really, kidneys are fine, bloods good have aches and pains and tummy cramps now and again so hopefully some of these will abate. He gave very good reasons why it was right to stop now and having had time to reflect in the past two weeks, I am happy enough. Hubbys niece tried to find out for me the safe length of time they use in another hospital but information wasnt forthcoming. When I need it again, its there for me to use. I will now try and chill until my review in February unless my gp finds something he needs checking out because he is very good at that. So good in fact I havent gone near him for some momths.

  • Hi Suzuki. Glad you were happy with your review and I hope you enjoy this break in medication. I was amazed at how quickly my joint aches resolved when I stopped avastin - I remember running after my little nephew and thinking " it's been 3 years since I've run like that!"

  • Well would have been due this week so from now on, I should see an improvement. I have a bit of a cold at the moment. I am doing a Mindfulness Course in Arc House it runs for ten weeks and I do find it a benefit. I am always a person into making stories in my head so am beginning to lose that habit a little. Once this horrible weather settles, I will go back to walking the dogs. Thank you for your good wishes and hope you are keeping well

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