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Hi Ladies, I had my check up today, bloods are remaining the same and as I seem clinically well, I get away without a scan until April. So I am happy with that, they consider that at the present time, I remain stable, Wish I could say the same about my mind and brain,haha. I do get tummy ache but got a thorough exam from the registrar who was a gp who came back to retrain and she could find no reason. I think one of the team previously said my thingy is on to my sciatic nerve and asked if it was painful and it wasnt at the time. So since I started treatment pain has come and gone prob a touch of osteoarthritis which I suffer from anyway. Getting back to the sinus issues, the gynae nurse and the reg were surprised that it would be connected with the Avastin. Then the ent department consider the bone thinning as a side effect of the said drug so who do I believe. I return to ent consultant in Feb. Definitely my nose isnt as inflamed since I changed the spray, the sinus rinses are being used. So its just wait and see what the ent consultant says. Hope every one is keeping warm and doing as well as you can. That is all we can do. best wishes Joan

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  • Hi Suzuki, Great your check up went well, we always fear the worse around that time. Hopefully they will come up with something to help relieve your nasal symptons. I start my chemo on Thursday morning I am not looking forward to it ,heres hoping my red and white blood cells will behave. Phil

  • Hi Joan, Good news overall. I love your line: 'I get away without a scan until April'. That is exactly how I feel about scans, I dread them. You can pretend all is well until scan time, then comes the reality check. Mine is coming up on Feb 12th, ugh! I'm glad your sinuses are improved. Mine are ok on Avastin. The only side effect I have is stiffness. I can't look over my shoulder! Miriam

  • Well my foot sometimes is sore and painful and can be at night, but its gone now at the moment, I suspect its because the boots and runners give you more support than sandals. That is akward when you have to turn around when you cant look around. Have you tried physio or acupuncture. There is a good guy out on the Bishopstown road. Chiropracters just keep bringing you back

  • Hi Miriam - my original reply went into cyber space ( nothing unusual in me doing that). Saw again that your review scan is next week, so just to say - best of luck. Maureen

  • I will consider chiropractor if it worsens. however I only have another few more months on Avastin and I like to keep appointments to a minimum. It helps me feel well! M

  • I know the less the better, that is the problem mentioning something to my gp because before you know it, he has you an appoiintment to see a specialist. I had kept away from him for six months until Xmas and because he wasnt happy he sent the fool further. I am happy enough just dealing with the main issue. It is enough and the three weeks come around very fast. I would think my two years will be up in October so maybe I stop the Avastin too, From what I gather, once people come off the Avastin they start to feel good. Otherwise keep warm, I did treated myself to a heating pad two years ago that goes from neck to the waist and found it good. Dreamland Therapy for Neck and Back. I got it in Cork, possibly Argos and you can plug it in while you are reading or lying down. All the best Joan

  • Hi Joan, great news about from the scan results. I know, sometimes our brains are a bit doubtful of good results - but we are all like that.

    It is amazing the number of postings about the side effects of Avastin - |I wish there was something else.

    I see from the dialogue with Cathanne (Miriam) that you said about acupuncture /physio - I am a great believer about acupuncture, it certainly helped relief the foot pain etc. - So, cathanne, do try it - the needles don't hurt.

    Take care , Maureen

  • Hi Suzuki. Really glad your appointment went well and that your sinus issue has improved a bit. Spotted the choir on Facebook - you looked really well in the pic!

  • Thank you I keep sharing the photos and the info to get in more member because of the nature of the choir, some may not be able to attend every week so the more we have the better. Definitely would recommended the Neil Med. I have actually tried to persuade a friend to use it, she bought it and like me was looking at it for a bit like I have done. I told her the thought of doing it was worse than doing it and it was easy so hopefully she will give it a go.

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